Random Nightlight | Scion FR-S

November 5, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S
We've seen plenty of unofficial photos of the new upcoming car FT-86, keeping us in a clueless and frustrated state. But not too long ago, my good friend from 7tune showed us an actual brochure of the Scion version and finally, what we've been waiting for seemed as if it will soon be coming to our nearest Scion dealership.
My visit to SEMA this week was filled with surprises, especially when I passed by the Scion booth. As expected, Scion Tuner Challenge was going on, which will be showed in one of my coverage, but what I didn't expect was this beauty. Here's Five Axis's concept of the Scion FR-S.

 Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S rear
I've passed by this booth several times and the crowd never seemed to die out. It was obviously showing that the design was favored by many enthusiasts.

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S design

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S taillights
Once looking at this car, there will be several exotics or even classics that might show some resemblance. Personally, the rear looked like a LF-A.

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S sideskirt
The sides were designed to give that extra aggressive look.

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S wheels
As mentioned previously, this is a concept, which means the body kit and 20in. wheels shown in this photo has a high chance of not being producedF once the car becomes available.

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S Side

Five Axis Concept Scion FR-S
All we need to do now, is to wait. I'm looking forward to see all these aftermarket companies modifying this car and hopefully, the model that will be opened for competition in SEMA's Scion Tuner Challenge.


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