Random Nightlight | True Trueno

November 8, 2011

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee and Charles Zee Zeyas

What makes a car spectacular and outstanding is its pristine condition despite its age. What you see here today is a 86 Trueno owned by Chad from Japan. Our photographer Charles Zee Zayas decided to write up a quick story for you guys, so check it out.

After having one of the most powerful cars in this area Chad decided to step it down a notch and go back to the roots of it all.

600Hp Toyota Cresta 600Hp Toyota Cresta
His 600Hp Toyota Cresta 90 version was a true treat for all...Hearing the turbine spool up from the Twin TD-06 1.5JZ was about the coolest thing ever. But after about 1 month ago it all went away.


I introduce his new toy; The 86 Trueno. His car is almost in true form.

He plans on taking back stateside and who knows what's next from there. Please keep an eye out for original masterpiece.

This might have been one of the most shortest and simplest Random Nightlight feature I have ever posted, but I like how this legendary car was modded with simplicity. A simple drop and wheels that go along with the car, plus keeping it original is what makes it special and definitely worthy to be featured on my blog. Keep it up Chad! and thanks for the photos Charles!


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