Event Coverage | HIN 2011 (Pt. I)

December 4, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2011-95
It's here, it's new, and most importantly, it's back! I couldn't even believe HIN (Hot Import Nights) was happening yesterday after all the drama the event organization went through for few years. I don't actually know much about this event, except the fact that I attended one back in middle school, so that's about 10 years ago! (I'm not that old...). Listening to stories from close friends of mine, HIN was the biggest car show event of the year with well-known cars in specific regions coming up or down from miles away, just to participate. It wasn't only cars that took over the convention center, but tons of top-name models and celebrities as well. Having a reputation that literally left a mark in the automotive scene, HIN was 'the' shiet! Now I have no clue on why HIN left the show scene, but many were glad it came back with new people organizing the event.
A few of you guys already know I'm with crew Low N Slow in SoCal, and I was supposed to show with them at the event, but because of my car acting like a little biatch and not wanting to listen to me, it's in its worst phase, so I decided to give it a rest and cover the event like I always do with major car shows in CA. A lot of my friends participated at HIN with their sexy rides and I did get a chance to talk with many of them while walking around. It seemed as if roll-in was a pain in the ass because of staffs being unorganized, but because I wasn't actually there and don't want to speak my butt out, all I gotta say is give it another year and I'm sure it will get better! HIN is back with new people so I'm sure they're already aware of this and working on it. Anyways, just wanted to put that out for ya'll, because I wanted to (^-^)
Now before I get into the photos, let me tell you I had a really difficult time covering the event. Nor did I only miss an early access time for Media, but it was dark as fuk like every HIN event we know of. My flash wasn't working too well and I didn't want to use a tripod because of so many people walking back and forth. Luckily, and I mean very luckily (if that makes sense), the lights came on during the award ceremony, so I was running around the whole Hall like a person who had to use a restroom; squatting down, making awkward poses, and some positions I never thought of doing, taking photos as much as possible in a short amount of time. How did they come out? Well you be the judge. There will be a mix of horribe and decent photos, so please understand the change of flow throughout the coverage. To start it off, I used a photo I took when The Next Hot Import Nights Model contest was going on. I did take some photos of Models for a change, so you'll see them later on.

HIN 2011-7
I saw a few interesting displays, like this S13 in a School Bus, put together by our good friends VIP Modular Wheels. One of the staffs told me the Bus was bought in Georgia, brought it here, stripped out the inside, and built a stripper pole in the center + a bar. Is that epic or what???

HIN 2011-25
There were a few photos I took before this area, but because I got better shots of them when the lights were on, I'll share those in Part 2. Here's Nilo's sexy NSX repping his site Dayuum! Seriously, that's the name of their site, so check it out.

HIN 2011-26
This beauty is also owned by Nilo. Someone told me it was on Super Street, before I got into the scene, so it's already known to those who started back then.

HIN 2011-27

HIN 2011-28
Never seen these rides before, or maybe I did but forgot. Clean.

HIN 2011-29
Carbon Fiber'd out!

HIN 2011-30
Mmm..I wanna hear this S2k.

HIN 2011-31

HIN 2011-32
Moving on to some exotic cars.

HIN 2011-33
Another Yellow NSX from 661 Motorsports.

HIN 2011-34
Remember this CTS-V from D3? It's mean looking and makes 1000HP. Good enough? Hell yea.

HIN 2011-35

HIN 2011-36
Neil Tjin brought out his cars to represent! I just remember seeing this Ford on his facebook a few times.

HIN 2011-38

HIN 2011-39
Robert Escobar's xA.

HIN 2011-40
I rarely come across a flushed WRX, so this one was pretty cool.

HIN 2011-41
Forged Racing had 3 cars on display.

HIN 2011-42
and our editor was with them! Look at that ARCness.

HIN 2011-46
I had to take this photo when I was around crew 1UP's area. BBS LMs done by Wheelflip and Work Meister S1 3P.

HIN 2011-48
Kelvin's Do-Luck Evo.

HIN 2011-49
One of the rarest beauties you'll ever come across in CA. Love the Bluebird Ryan!

HIN 2011-51
Lamborghini from Bulletproof Automotive's lineup.

HIN 2011-52
Project-G rolled in pretty deep.

HIN 2011-53

HIN 2011-54

HIN 2011-55
I really like all of their rides, so thumbs up to the team.

HIN 2011-56
This Civic Si tried too much and the car needs to get an alignment. I know the flush stance is the thing right now, but trying to make it happen with positive camber? (-_-;)

HIN 2011-57
Might seem too crazy, but I remember this car winning a lot at major events before I started.

HIN 2011-58

HIN 2011-61
Road Race's RACECAR was Racey enough.

HIN 2011-62
Supermade S14 is what I call SWAG~!

HIN 2011-65
R-Ryde cars will be shown later on, but here are the ones I forgot to take when the lights were lit up. Not a fan of the color, but love those discontinued Volks.

HIN 2011-67
Widebody TSX.

HIN 2011-72 HIN 2011-73
PROMAX brought out their exotics and literally took a whole line.

HIN 2011-77
Auto Concept Elite will always be at a major car show.

HIN 2011-79

HIN 2011-80

HIN 2011-81 HIN 2011-82
Top Secret!! AHHHHH!!! Love these Supras.

HIN 2011-83

HIN 2011-84

HIN 2011-85

HIN 2011-86
I saw this Saturn somewhere and the inside was really unique. The owner converted the upper dash area with gauges and placed a Navi where the gauges were.

HIN 2011-87
Clean S2000 on SSR Type Fs.

HIN 2011-88
My boy Tracy from Low N Slow. Good seeing ya buddy.

HIN 2011-89
I didn't get to see 3T Motorsports except John, but it was good seeing them representing Aimgain. I really love this company, so check out their fanpage.

HIN 2011-90
Engine bay of a Supra. Sex.

HIN 2011-92
Dammit...I have to look at this Miata for at least 5 minutes because it's too dam sexy.

HIN 2011-94
Spotted Tony from It's JDM yO! talking with some models.

Ok! Who's ready for some Model photos! Not me! Just playing. I walked around with my editor and other 3 friends and we actually choose which models to shoot. If they weren't worth it, then it was a bye bye. I'm joking around again, but it was really difficult to see every model because there were so many people crowding the Model lounge.

HIN 2011-96
My personal favorite model at HIN was Gabby Jeanne. She should look familiar because she was the cover model of Import Tuner, featured in Super Street, and other automotive magazines. Gabby was keeping it classy throughout the whole event, so thumbs up girl.

HIN 2011-97
I don't remember the girl at the left, but the one at the right was cute. Anyone know her name?

HIN 2011-98
Nikita Esco is hot. Enough said.

HIN 2011-99
Kay Bae was a chill girl to talk to at Vegas. Keep it up!

HIN 2011-106
Lady Gaga made an appearance.

HIN 2011-107
Don't know her name, but she has that sexy look on her face.

HIN 2011-110
I almost passed this model if it wasn't for my friend. She was classy and hot.

HIN 2011-111
Lily Wang at the right.

HIN 2011-112
I had to dig in through the crowd to take this shot.

HIN 2011-116 HIN 2011-118
JDM Sport models. I forgot the girl's name at the left, but at the right is Holly Lee. My cousin Lauren Lee is in love with this girl.

HIN 2011-120
Malasian star and model Leng Yein made it out to HIN.

HIN 2011-121
This girl was famous. Many of you boys should know her if you are into porn, because she's a famous Asian porn model. Her name is Evelyn Lin. I already know some of you guys just opened another browser and searched up her name through Google.

HIN 2011-109

HIN 2011-101
GoGo dance time! WOOT!

HIN 2011-104
The infamous Jeri Lee.

HIN 2011-102
Nikita Esco: "Ha! You spotted me!"

HIN 2011-103
"I'm sexy and I know it~!"

HIN 2011-105
Like a Boss~!

I'll end it here and continue on with Part 2 tomorrow.  I'm seriously not satisfied with the photos in this particular coverage, but promise it will be decent for Part 2. Be back!


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