Event Coverage | HIN 2011 (Pt. II)

December 5, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

HIN 2011-182
Welcome back to Night Import! Hope you guys are visiting the blog often to catch up with my articles, because things are about to get serious! Just playing~ As long as I can entertain you guys while at work, home, in the bathroom, with your girlfriend, ... you get the point v(^-^)v
My last partly coverage on Hot Import Nights will be a good one because the photos I'm about to share with you guys came out pretty decent considering the short amount of time I had to cover the whole area when the lights were on during the award ceremony. By the way, congratulations to all the winners! It's always unpredictable to know who will win which category because judges aren't the same for every car show event. Each judge has a different perspective when it comes to certain makes & models, so hope no one was frustrated with the judging and stuff. It's all about having fun and enjoying the time spent with friends and family right? Let's get on with the cars and see what was up at different areas of the huge ass showcase lot. The cover photo for Part 2 is the well-known VIP team in SoCal, BP VIP. It's been a while since I got to know a few members in this team, and I was surprised to see some of their rides with a new look! Click on "Read More" at the bottom right to see their rides.

HIN 2011-169
Holy hotness! SC430 on a Artisan Spirit kit. Such a winning look on those Work Schwert SC2s.

HIN 2011-170
Mr. BP VIP President's ride! Congratz hyung nim! (_ _)

HIN 2011-171
Carl's IS was the 2nd IS I've featured on my blog. Always keeping it simple and sexy with that fitment on SSR Professor SP1s.

HIN 2011-172
Those VIP Modular wheels were gorgeous!

HIN 2011-173

HIN 2011-23
Another BP VIP President's ride, John hyung nim's JP LS!

HIN 2011-174
Ojay's LS is still in my list of favorite cars, so you'll see his ride in my 'SoCal's Finest Rides' article pretty soon.

HIN 2011-175
I have not seen this Y33 before, and glad I got to see it at HIN. Love the VIP flushness on this beauty.

HIN 2011-176
You can't find a sexier Previa than Normandie's.

HIN 2011-177
This beauty was painted and worked on by Buddha Paint Concept.

HIN 2011-178
James Oliver's freshly painted Prelude on Work Equips. He recently got featured on Canibeat, so check out his ride on that awesome blog.

HIN 2011-179

HIN 2011-180
Whoa! More VIP beauties I've never seen before. Dam BP VIP! Wsup?

HIN 2011-181
Congratz to my boy Matthew! I still remember when he helped me out with my project BBSs. Always thinking about that yo! Thanks again and congratz on the win (^-^)

HIN 2011-124
This Voltex Evo was shown in my Part 1 coverage.

HIN 2011-125
Check out this air'd out Mustang.

HIN 2011-126

HIN 2011-128
J2G AutoSports had a good lineup.

HIN 2011-127
NSXs are sexy. Enough said.

HIN 2011-129
Not too often do you come across Takata Green Volk TE37s.

HIN 2011-130
Wheels look a bit too big, but I see where this IS is going.

HIN 2011-131
Preston Olson's Z went through a major makeover. The wheels are the same, but the body color changed from Gold/Brown to what you see in this picture.

HIN 2011-132

HIN 2011-133

HIN 2011-213
We all know these Wagons from VIP Modular wheels. The one you see on 24k dipped VIP Modular VXs got Best Static! I missed this one at SEMA, so it was good to finally see it in person.

HIN 2011-134
Flushed Domestics.

HIN 2011-135
Next to the 1000hp Matte Black CTS-V from D3 was a twin but with different wheels and paint.

HIN 2011-136
Fuuuuu~~ this ride was pimpin!

HIN 2011-137
Forgot which booth these cars were under.

HIN 2011-138
What you guys know about Flossy? I'm hoping to shoot this car in the near future.

HIN 2011-139

HIN 2011-140

HIN 2011-141

HIN 2011-142

HIN 2011-201

HIN 2011-208

HIN 2011-209

HIN 2011-210

HIN 2011-204
1UP! Always good to see these guys.

HIN 2011-144

HIN 2011-202
Every time I see this Odyvia, I'm standing at a corner drooling. Seriously.

HIN 2011-145
Ford Fiesta from M2-Motoring.

HIN 2011-146
700hp M3! I love this Bimmer.

HIN 2011-147
Very unique choice on the wheels, but the fitment was tits.

HIN 2011-148

HIN 2011-206
Michael Mao's NSX from Vanguard Collective is one of the most aggressively fitted NSXs in CA.

HIN 2011-185
Another member from Vanguard Collective and It's JDM yO!, Jon Jon's IS! Thanks for the shout out on your feature in PAS Magazine!

HIN 2011-150

HIN 2011-212

HIN 2011-214

HIN 2011-215
How can you not love Auto Concept Elite.

HIN 2011-151

HIN 2011-152

HIN 2011-153

HIN 2011-154

HIN 2011-155

HIN 2011-156
R-Rydes came out full force!

HIN 2011-157
Forgot which widebody kit this Evo had, but I remember seeing it at SEMA. Repping Prestige Marketing.

HIN 2011-158
When it comes to VIP cars in SoCal, you can't go wrong with Platinum VIP.

HIN 2011-159
Kennedy's 2JZ Aristo.

HIN 2011-160
My favorite from SEMA 2010.

HIN 2011-162

HIN 2011-163

HIN 2011-161

HIN 2011-164
Jason MacGill's Evo and my buddy Eric Lam's ITB DC5.

HIN 2011-165
It would've been awesome if this area was a bit bigger or I had a fish eye lens, because a few Supras were here...

HIN 2011-184
Supercharged EG!

HIN 2011-166
Yuta's Z is a celebrity in the automotive scene and it was a different experience seeing his ride in person.

HIN 2011-167
Ron's President changed colors from Black to Matte Gray(?)

HIN 2011-168
Best fitted Civic ever! I later on found out these cars were under Fatlace's booth.

HIN 2011-187

HIN 2011-188

HIN 2011-189

HIN 2011-191

HIN 2011-192

HIN 2011-196
It was awesome to see Bulletproof Automotive getting some cars together to show at HIN. You usually don't see this company doing this, so hope they come out more to car shows!

HIN 2011-194

HIN 2011-190
I showed you guys some rides from Project-G and although I like every single Miata in this team, I gotta show some love to my teammate Kevin! Look at that wideness and sexiness! JMC ftw~!

HIN 2011-197
RB swapped Datsun Z!

HIN 2011-198
A fitment like this on a R35 is what I call Sex (not a human thing but a car thingy..like...let's move on..)

HIN 2011-199

HIN 2011-200
Supra and Rolls Royce from PROMAX. This company is ballin 24/7.

HIN 2011-203
Really good to see ARQRAY coming out to shows. You guys should check out their exhaust systems, because I personally think they are one of the companies making the finest exhausts.

HIN 2011-217
I never get tired of seeing this SL55 AMG with a Misha kit from Heavy Hitters. I think that's the owner at the right, because I heard the owner is a girl. You guys jelly? because I am.

HIN 2011-218
I want to drive one...

HIN 2011-225

HIN 2011-228
JDM Sport! Congratz on the win guys!

HIN 2011-219
I gotta end this coverage with a photo of our editor Edgar and his G35. It was really really really really really good to see him finally winning an award. He got 2nd place Infiniti!!

Hope you guys enjoyed this coverage! I know it was a bit sloppy, but I promise a better coverage next year with better equipment.


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