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December 18, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

This week was dragging like every other week, just because studying is to the point where I can't put enough words and concepts into my head, and the weather is getting chillier, nothing really out of the ordinary, but unusual for those who live in California. Luckily, last Thursday was a time to get out of what I usually do and check out a photoshoot session that was happening at a high-end automotive shop called Auto Talent located in Carson, CA. A friend of mine who drives a GT-R R35 actually invited me to this small event and I didn't have any clue on what kind of cars were going to be there, but as you can see in the cover photo, it was much more than just R35s, but a photoshoot with few models and exotics. I was lurking around while a site called Liquid Kiss Productions was doing their thing, so let me take you through this shop and share some photos I took during my visit. Please do know this article is NSFW, so it's at your own risk if you want to fired or not.

Auto Talent-7
It was surprising how I never heard of this shop, because 10 years of service dedicated to high-end cars was their specialty and it's those kind of shops I try to look for these days, just to drop by and do several shoots or see what kind of cars come in.

Auto Talent-1
When I mean high-end cars, I'm talking about the ones many can't even afford! There were some very interesting models that were present during the shooting session....

Auto Talent-2
Like this Lamborghini Aventador! I did take a full shot of this car, but will not release it yet because it's still being edited. Shooting cars like the Aventador is once in a life time opportunity, so I really don't want to fuk things up and ruin a precious photo (^-^)v

Auto Talent-3
As mentioned earlier, Auto Talent is an Autobody shop for high-end cars, so seeing all these beautiful cars on lifts and ones parked on the side was a pleasurable experience.

Auto Talent-23
Check this out. A Ferrari 430 Scuderia.

Auto Talent-25

Auto Talent-24
Talk about an exotic heaven. Although the shop is known for working on European exotics, they work on Japanese cars as well, such as GT-R R35s.

Auto Talent-8
Just lurking around~ You see those beauties behind the Lamborghini MurciƩlago?

I was working on this photo for awhile and it's not even half way done, but here it is. You've probably seen a video clip of it on my fanpage, but for those who haven't and have no idea what cars these are, you are looking at 2 of the 30 in the world, Lamborghini Diablo GTRs. Both are extremely rare, especially the one at the right in Monterey Blue, which is the only one in that color from the 30.

Auto Talent-9
Here's a shot with the MurciƩlago. Jelly enough? Because I was.

Auto Talent-12
There's Chris from Liquid Kiss Productions. I have to thank these guys again for letting me tag along. If it wasn't for the lights they had setup, I would've gotten poor shots throughout the whole night!

Auto Talent-13
Only one shot I took of the three modles other than Gabby Jeanne. From the left is Import Fashion's spokesmodel Ela Pasion, Mely Louth, and don't know who the girl is at the right.

Auto Talent-17
Now, I'm really frustrated right now because someone reported a photo I took of Gabby Jeanne on the fanpage. I got my second warning and temporarily banned for 24 hours! ARGH!!!! Whoever you are, you need a bitch slap 24/7. I'm going to find you son!

Auto Talent-19
Anyways, back to the photos of Gabby Jeanne. She's the new model in our support line, so if you love us, then you should love her. If you want to see more photos of her, visit Liquid Kiss Productions.

Auto Talent-26
There's one of the photogs from LKP.

Auto Talent-21
Stepped to the side for a bit and spotted this R35 on Vossen wheels with a full Akropovic exhaust.

Liquid Kiss Productions at Auto Talent
Look at these guys~! Like Bosses!

Gabby Jeanne with Steve's GT-R R35
I'll end this short coverage with a shot of Gabby Jeanne and a R35 I'll be featuring very soon.
Thanks again to Auto Talent for showing me around and LKP for letting me tag along.


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