Nightlight | Memorable Rides of 2011

December 30, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The rides in SoCal's Finest Rides #1 deserved much more props because of the owner's activeness and their flawless rides. It's difficult to manage a show-car and on top of that, daily driving it or taking it out to meets. I'm much stoked to see how those cars will change next year!

Continuing on from where I left off yesterday, today's feature will be one of my favorites out of all. First off, let me mention that I've never been to other states to spectate a car show other than seeing coverage's done by other blogs and sites. My judgment and decisions were based off of seeing these cars in person, meaning most of them were located in Southern California and were scrutinized with my enthusiastic attention. Many of us already know Southern California is pretty much the heart of car shows so it's not such a surprise when one comes across a gorgeously modified car and then seeing it exposed worldwide.
The cars that will be shown today will be the ones I personally thought were the best from the many I've seen this year. I'm talking about exceptional and outrageously built cars that are now recognized by many enthusiasts around the world. It was very challenging to pick ten cars out of all the beautiful ones I've observed, but I think I made the right choices. You'll obviously recognize some of them, but for those who just stepped into the scene, get ready to be surprised and inspired.

*Order of cars shown below was not based off of ranking but by random.

Night Import Choice #1
It was a dream-come-true when I actually got to see Nakai-san's work in person at SEMA. RAUH-Welt Begriff has been in the scene for years, but reading about this company as a blogger was not too long ago. After seeing the builds and video provided by Maiham Media, RWB Porsche 911s became one of my favorite modified cars. Who knows? I might buy a 911 in the near future and go with RWB (^-^)

Night Import Choice #2
LAS 2011-232
When I first saw the Liberty Walk Lamborghini Murcielago, I was literally standing at one spot for merely 10 minutes looking at the car with amazement. It might not be a favorable look by enthusiasts, but to me, it was very different from the usual Murceilagos we see rolling in rich towns. Well, it's not a surprise because we all know Japan is imaginative with their styles.
Liberty Walk is a renowned shop in Japan, known for modifying exotic cars, especially Lamborghinis. Click here to see a video by Maiham Media.

Night Import Choice #3
This widebody BMW Wagon from VIP Modular Wheels was such an eye catcher at SEMA. I had no idea it was the same car I saw at Formula D 2010 when it was White. The exotic paint was done by Buddha Paint Concept located in Buena Park, CA and for those who asked me numerous times about the paint color, it's a 3 stage Matte Red color with Gold Pearl effect. You guys might think this is just an ordinary Fiberglass or some other cheap widebody, but it's actually made in steel. Impressed? I am.

Night Import Choice #4
Bulletproof Meet-45
One GT-R R35 that topped into my list was Bulletproof Automotive owner Ben Schaffer's R35. Ben is such an inspirational and humble person in the automotive scene, and his attitude reflects the numerous cars he has in the States and out of States as well. You'll rarely see him bringing out his cars because Ben is really not a show goer, but when you actually get to see his rides in person, such as this R35, I guarantee it will become one of your favorites. Ben has done numerous mods on his R35, such as custom brand-RR headlights, other brand-RR parts, limited edition Recaro seats, custom Roll Cage made from Germany, and much more.

Night Import Choice #5
FD Final-180
There are only a few Miatas I really favor, and this one driven by Cody Chan is one of them. The first time I actually saw this car in person was at Formula D and since then, I fell in love with the car. It's not your typical slammed Miata on authentic wheels, but a twist to it that gives it an even more aggressive look. I later on found out it was featured in Super Street, so I picked up an issue and read through the whole article. I was impressed with the story and the car, so to read more about it, click here.

Night Import Choice #6
HIN 2011-192
Sometimes, it is the most simplistic cars that impress enthusiasts like me. I've done a Random Spotlight feature on this S13 after I saw it at HIN and for some reason; I keep going back to that article to look at the car again and again. From the looks of it, it might seem like a slow and non-functional car, but think again. Soon enough, you'll be seeing a full feature on it in Super Street.

Night Import Choice #7
HIN 2011-217
Wait...again? Hell yes! That's how much I love this car. It was in my SoCal's Finest Rides #1, but I decided to feature it again. How often do you come across a SL55 AMG like this one. Exactly~ not at all. This 750HP Supercharaged Misha Widebody Mercedes-Benz is one of a kind. I recently found out it is now on sale (Link) I'm pretty sad.. *tear drop* Whoever becomes the second owner of this beauty, please don't abuse it...

Night Import Choice #8
350Z Porsche
Yes Yes Yes! Definitely one of my favorites from this year. Not a lot of you guys liked this car, but when you consider all the one-off parts and look at the car as a whole, it's absolutely amazing. At first, I was clueless on what car this was, because it clearly did look like a Porsche, but it's actually a 350Z with a Porsche Panamera kit. I was so stunned with the look that I forgot to take interior shots. Let's just say everything about this car was flawlessly done. The mismatched VIP Modular wheels looked great too! To read more about this beauty from Japan, click here.

Night Import Choice #9
Robert's Do-Luck R32 Skyline
It's not too common to come across Skylines in California because of the ridiculous laws we have to go through to import a vehicle from Japan, but if the opportunity comes by to actually see one, you'll see a modified version rather than a bone-stock one. I first saw this Do-Luck Skyline R32 online and then in person at Bulletproof's Automotive 11th Anniversary meet. Instead of waiting and doing a shoot, we did a quick photoshoot on site and I was pretty satisfied with the photos. This custom Midnight Purple R32 with a full Do-Luck kit, including the wing, will soon go through a makeover. Robert, the owner, didn't tell me jack yet, so let's wait and see for its change in 2012.

Night Import Choice #10
Last but not least, Jon Sibal's Dodge Challenger. I don't know too much about Domestics, but after looking at Jon's at Formula D, my interest on these cars grew tremendously. I made a speculation thinking Jon was inspired by RWB to build his Challenger, but there was much more to it. Looking at the car as how it is today, I'm still speechless! To read the Random Spotlight I've done on his car, click here.

There are still tons of cars I want to mention in this article, but I had to lower it down to only ten. These cars were chosen based off of how memorable they were and its uniqueness compared to other builds that were in the scene for years. 2011 was a great year with so many great cars. I'm looking forward to see new builds and if possible, having the opportunity to shoot them for my blog. Have a great week guys and don't drink and drive! Peace!


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