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December 24, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

S Chassis-82
Don't be hating because of the title. The only reason why I want to talk about this...is because...I feel like it (-_-)v But seriously, why I truly want to discuss about relationships is because of seeing and reading so many depressing shit on facebook, especially during this past month because Christmas is coming up. You might be surprised, but I actually get e-mails from fans who have difficulties in handling their current relationship and asks me for advice. I'm not a relationship doctor, but I can either become an encouragement or maybe make you more depressed. Of course, I'm going to talk in the guys' perspectives, so all you girls AND guys out there, read it through and if you agree with me, then act as accordingly. O yea, and sorry Thao and Matt for posting a photo of you guys as the cover of this article (^_^).

Before I start blabbering again, I want you guys to know that I'll try to keep this topic automotive related, but if not, then you can say 'Fuk You Will!' and close down this window.
Now I've sort of noticed how the automotive scene doesn't have too many couples and if there are, it's like seeing a UFO. Yea, it's not too common and if it was, you guys would be jelly, and probably say to yourself, "All I care about is my car." Well there it is! That's the dam problem! Some of you guys need to start going out there and experience what the fuk it's like to start a relationship and actually fall in love with a PERSON, not your car. It's really depressing when I see some of you leaving comments that are sexually automotive related, such as "I'll bang it in the exhaust." I'm not saying go and get a life because I love my car as much as you guys do, but some of ya'll need to face reality and know what life is all about. If you're young, then that's even a better opportunity for you to start something with a person. Don't place your hobby as the priority, but find someone who you can truly depend on and spend some time with to enjoy something other than cars.

If you do find a girl, make sure she understands what you do! This doesn't only apply to Asians, but girls usually don't like guys who are into cars. Why? I have no fuking idea, but it's a fact. I'm not a girl, but before I started this scene, I didn't understand why people modified cars. It's the same shiet with girls too. That's why I sort of understand the short relationships happening in the automotive world. I envy couples when both of them are into cars, like the couple in this article's cover photo, Thao and Matthew. The little kid is Matthew's brother, not their son, but it's awesome how both Thao and Matt love the car scene and actually work on their own cars. Some of you guys are jelly right now and I know it. Just find a girl who will appreciate what you do. To all you girls reading this right now, don't be hating on the guys just because they spend time on their own car. Think of it as you going to a shopping mall and shopping for 6~7 hours. Same thing, so don't complain.

Lastly, don't be bitching or hating on your girlfriend once she leaves you and goes to another guy. Listen, once you are in a relationship, that means you are responsible to keep your girl and make her trust you and vice versa. If a good ass looking guy approaches your girl ,she falls for it, and starts to like him, o well~ that's mainly your fault because you should've been good to her in the first place and keep that dedication you had for her since the beginning and not fuk it up later on. So what happens? You become single, get pissed at the other guy for taking away your girl, and boohoo~ So how does this relate to the automotive world? Don't focus too much on your car once you start a relationship. You'll obviously need to sacrifice some of that car time for your girl.

I know this article is pointless, but wanted to answer some of the questions that's been asked frequently and give some encouragement. Relationships ain't easy and don't expect it to be. There will need to be sacrifices, dedication, and most importantly, trust. Heads up to all the broken couples and good luck to everyone else who plan on starting one.


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