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December 7, 2011

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

More Japan-5
California weather was horrendous during these past few weeks. I know it's not even close to be compared with other countries, but California being known as having that sunny weather 24/7 was far too be seen during this past month. For those who don't live in CA, SoCal was literally beat up by the wind and most of the valley area to OC went on a blackout streak for a week and half! Luckily where I lived didn't get affected, but I felt horrible for all of those who had to live without electricity and hot water. During this past week when this was still happening, I had an appointment with More Japan, offering/selling Tanabe products and SSR wheels, to go through a product development session with the techs from Tanabe. I was a bit worried on the day of the appointment because the weather was still windy and I had to drive with a donut spare tire, but there you see it~ my car without any damages at More Japan.

I actually wanted to visit this company after finding out Tanabe and SSR wheels were their main products in store. It was a great opportunity to visit their facility to see how things were done.

More Japan-2

More Japan-4 More Japan-3
What you see here are all the products that came from Tanabe and SSR. From strut bars,coilovers, to wheels, almost every product in store from Tanabe and SSR will be at More Japan.

More Japan-6
The techs you see in the cover photo are from Tanabe in Japan and they came to the US to do R&D for certain vehicles like my car. Their trip to the US is an opportunity for the company to bring in new products that are already made in Japan for promotional purposes, so what you see here are new set of coilovers that's about to be released in the US.

More Japan-7

Wheel-1 More Japan-9
As mentioned earlier, More Japan also sells SSR wheels. Some new ones that aren't even on the official SSR site is here in the states and will be revealed at AutoCon! No joke! I'm dead serious, so buy your AutoCon tickets if you haven't.

While talking about SSR wheels, I spotted Danh's Rx-7 FD on SSR SP3s parked pretty in front of the facility entrance. I have to take a shot of my favorite car right?

More Japan-12

More Japan-13
Danh showed me a stack of JDM magazines and I picked the infamous Option. I've always heard about this mag company before I joined the scene, so it was pretty awesome to have a few issues in front of me.

More Japan-14
Blacked out Skyline R34 on Advans.

More Japan-15
What's really cool about JDM mags is that they have a small feature section for cars + the owners, something you don't see too often in US Automotive mags.

More Japan-16

More Japan-17
WoHoo! A girl driving a GT-R R35! How hot is that!

More Japan-18
Cover car of Option's 30th Anniversary issue, a RE Amemiya Rx-7 FD3S.

More Japan-19
A well-known KPOP girl group in a JDM mag. Had to take a snap.

More Japan-20
Small products like these show how much Japan aftermarket companies focus on even small parts that make a difference in appearance.

More Japan-21
Fuuuu~~~ Oni-cambered RC car.

Make sure to contact More Japan if you want SSR wheels or Tanabe products. The company also sell various JDM products as well, so check out their facebook fanpage and official website.


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