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January 23, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Low N Slow
Gawd dam it's been a long ass time since I updated my blog. I did attend a few meets, but didn't cover them because for this year, it's mostly going to be a chillaxing time with the homies rather than making myself busy with my camera like I did last year. Fyi, it has nothing to do with me being cocky because some of you guys think my blog gained popularity in some way and I'm using that as a backup source to slack off, but seriously, I missed out on all the good times just because of being busy covering events, going to companies, doing interviews, etc. last year. Don't get me wrong, I met a lot of people and the friendship is still there, but this year will be a time period to get to know them even more and have fun! One downside of being active last year though, is not being able to resist covering an event because I love shooting! So I was pretty dam excited to attend yesterday's It's JDM yO!'s competition event to meet some friends and hoping to see some cars that didn't come out last year. I did plan on going early but because of partying till like 3~4am almost every other day, I woke up at 12pm, got my ass ready in about 10 minutes, and rushed to the event with my messed up tC. The cover photo is when the competition was about to begin and the first runner-up was Milt's Z from Low N Slow. The story will continue so read along~

  Stance event-1
Spotted this slammed GS at the corner. Why so lonely?

It's really rare for me to come across my own photo that I like, but this one came out pretty good~! The slammed Honda Civic EF on Work Ewings made this photo even better.

Stance event-3
I've seen the Red S13 on Nismos (?), but never seen the classic Corolla Sprinter at the left.

Stance event-4
Insanely sick AE86! I've seen plenty of them last year, but I have to admit this one tops them all when it comes to cleanliness.

Stance event-5
Deep dished HREs. I think I heard someone saying the owner of this car works at HRE, but I get things wrong pretty often, so someone help me out here.

Stance event-6
James's Prelude on Work Equips. Loving the touch of Junction Produce accessories for the interior.

Stance event-7
Luigi sold his custom BBSs done by wheelflip few weeks ago and moved on to Volk CE28ns. I told him not to do it, but seems like he got a pretty good deal, so why not?? He'll be selling these soon and move on to a crazier set. Want a hint??? ...... I forgot

Stance event-8
I usually take a shot of Armand's car when I see it, but that GoPro camera shifted my attention.

Stance event-9
Hmmm...I think I've seen this S2000 on CCWs at Wekfest last year... Pretty sick!

Stance event-10

Stance event-11
I was looking at this E30 for a good minute because it looked familiar and later on realized it was Kyle's! How do I know this car? I actually featured it in Just Stance last year after he requested a feature through the fanpage. It was definitely good to see his car again. Click here to check out his feature.

Stance event-12
Something about this S14 made it look sexy. Some zipties holding the front and on Leon Harditt Ordens? Woot!

Stance event-13
TSX from OneLove on XXRs? Fitment was right on.

Stance event-14
I've already introduced the owner and the car to you guys in my Illest meet coverage, but for those who don't know, this is Andrew Renteria's WRX.

Stance event-15
Noel's crazy fitted G on SSRs customized by Wheelflip.

Stance event-16
Winner of the competition! I had to leave early to attend BP VIP's meet so I didn't get a chance to see Chris scraping his project GS, but congratz homie!

Stance event-17
We all know this car and the owner because he's the Senator of Stance. Check out the license plate; OFCRPLZ (Officer please).

Stance event-18
Jesse's 1JZ powered Celica.

Stance event-19
I was stoked to see Tracy's TSX because he recently 24k dipped those CCWs. Those were blinging like a balla!

Stance event-20

Stance event-21
Can't forget our editor Edgar's midnight Purple G on SSRs.

Stance event-22
Track stance S2000.

Stance event-23
Ouu~ Nicely fitted.

Stance event-24
My boys Noel, Chris, and Milt chilling. Look at Chris's boss expression.

Stance event-25
I first thought this CRX belonged to Team Infinit..or..did it..

Stance event-26
Sam from Wheelflip rolling out. He should hurry up and finish the S2000!

Stance event-27
Nice! Didn't expect to see ARQRAY's BMW.

Stance event-28
Team Nuisance.

Stance event-31
and their supa sexy FC.

Stance event-29
Flushed Z with a flushed skateboard.

Stance event-30
White Enkei NT03+Ms looking great on the STi Wagon.

Stance event-32
Have you seen a stanced Camry? He be scrapin so hard the front lip paint chipped.

Angelo's SLAMMED 350Z
Angelo is sexy and so is his Z.

Stance event-34
Found out this SC belongs to my friend Neel's bro~ Looking sick!

Stance event-36
Shot of Royal Origin's booth.

Stance event-35
Aw~ our editor leaving to attend his family planned event.

Stance event-37
Seen this EJ1 coupe on couple of blogs. Nicely built for sure.

Stance event-38
Spotted Shavi walking like a boss.

NSX from It's JDM yO!
Michael's NSX from It's JDM yO!'s team Vanguard Collective.

Stance event-40
Jon Jon finding a spot to park his IS.

Stance event-41
Johnny and his friend spinning for the day.

Stance event-42
Look who dropped by! The driver of the new 600HP Scion FR-S by Greddy, Ken Gushi!

Stance event-43
Awesome moment (^-^)

Stance event-44
Camberd Element at the corner.

Stance event-45
Barry's midnight Purple GT-R R35.

Classic Te72 Wagon
Brian's classic TE Wagon. I think it's for sale.

Stance event-47
Jason's widebody S2000 on Enkei PF01s. I love how he colored FALKEN on the tires.

Stance event-48
That fitted Camry we saw earlier.

Stance event-50
Had to take a shot of a concaved Volk TE37 <3
Let me share my thoughts about the girl in the middle. I don't know where she got the confidence to 'model', but she definitely didn't look at the proper magazine or currently looking up to someone who ain't even big in the scene. She didn't have the body at all and still had the guts to be half naked. I mean...if you have the body, it's all good, but seriously... On top of all the negativity, she even posed in front of a car facing her ass to the camera, and allowed some dude to grab her ass at the same time. O wait.. forgot to mention she lifted up her short skirt as well. A car meet/event ain't no strip club girl. I saw some kids passing by and felt sorry for their parents. I should have taken a photo of all these actions happening, but because I was sick of it, I turned around and did my own thing. To the girl in the swimsuit or whatever you want to call it, if you're reading this, good for you that you decided to model in the scene, but keep it classier and workout if you plan on wearing that same suit you did at yesterday's event.

Stance event-52

Stance event-53
See! Because of that girl, these guys had to bounce...

I kid I kid~ :D

Stance event-54
Look at that ass!

Stance event-57
While talking about ass, look at THAT ass!

Stance event-55
Sick S2000 on fully polished CCWs!

Stance event-72
Ken Gushi approves.

Stance event-56
Perfect bodywork on this GS to fit those wheels.

Stance event-58
Ouf!! Looks like an 04 M45. Sickness!

Stance event-59
DaYuum!'s booth and their IS on SSR MS1s.

Stance event-60

Stance event-61
Team Infinit rides.

Stance event-62
Nick and I thought this was Charles Lam's ride. Even the owner of the car said he's tired of hearing the same thing over and over again LOL!

Stance event-63
Nicely fitted G I spotted at a parking lot.

Miata with hardtop

Stance event-65 Stance event-66
Fell in love with this Miata. I think this was my second time seeing one with a hardtop.

Stance event-67
Look at this photo closely and you'll see someone looking directly at my camera.

Stance event-68

Stance event-69
I saw Antonio from MotorMavens taking out something from this Van so I'm speculating it was his car. Pretty sick to see one on Mugens.

Stance event-70
There's Antonio! Love MotorMavens yo!!!

Stance event-71
Ojay's LS repping BP VIP. Let's see if anyone can top Ojay's this year because it was my favorite last year.

Stance event-74
"So you think you can stance?"

Stance event-75
Harro~ NOS always representing at events.

Slammed Z
I have to admit this Z was pretty dam low.

Stance event-78
IS moving spots.

Stance event-79
Jon Jon's IS now settled to the ground.

Team Praxis x Liquid Kiss
Team Praxis x Liquid Kiss Productions

Team Praxis
Team Praxis's boss truck.

Stance event-82
Wow! My first time seeing this EK. Loved the Purple scheme going on. Thumbs up!

Better shot of that AE86 on HREs we saw earlier.

Stance event-84
The stance competition is about the begin!!!!!

Stance event-85
But before, more shots of cars in the lot. Alex's ride repping Royal Origin.

Stance event-86
Keychain! Forgot to say hi. Love those polished MB Battles!

Stance event-87
Royal Origin doing there thang~

Stance event-88
Back to the competition. Tons of people waiting to see cars scraping the lot entrance.

Stance event-89
My boy Milt getting ready.

Stance event-91
People waiting to see this beast scrape.

Stance event-94

Stance event-97
Team Infinit lined up.

Stance event-98
Puhahahah~ Milt is smiling.

Stance event-99

Stance event-100
MC of the day, Antonio from MotorMavens.

Stance event-102
First contestant! Milt from Low N Slow!


Stance event-104
Grinding noises continue...

Stance event-105
I was scared to see this Mini Cooper go up that entrance...

Mini Mini
O shit....

Stance event-107
O gawd.......

Stance event-109


Stance event-110

Stance event-111
Dam...I go through this every single day...

Stance event-112

Stance event-113
More weight, the better.

Stance event-114
Terry was a boss! He didn't even angle!

Stance event-115
Armand messed up his driver side fender :/

Luigi's S2000
Luigi getting ready with a boss stance. Look at his dangling arm.

Stance event-96
I was going to wait a bit to watch the whole competition, but because of some plans I made earlier, I left early with Nick to attend another meet. Once again, awesome event by It's JDM yO! Had a great time meeting new people and talking with friends. A few things coming up this week so stay tuned! Bye Bye~


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