Event Coverage | Tokyo Auto Salon 2012

January 19, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee

Tokyo Auto Salon-19
It really kills me to see such awesome coverage going around the net from different blogs on Tokyo Auto Salon, which just ended few days ago. One of the things I want to accomplish, or wanted to accomplish when I first started NI, was to travel to Japan and attend all the major car shows, visiting well-known aftermarket companies, and have a chillaxing time going to food joints and purifying my eyes with hot girls. It didn't happen this year, but I do plan on going next year with a few friends, so I'm trying to keep my hopes up and make it actually happen!
Luckily, our contributor Charles Zee Zayas took some time to represent my blog at TAS and he did his best to bring us what we all wanted to see. Lego!

Tokyo Auto Salon-1
It's amazing how Japan surprises the world with their new ideas every year, revealing new designs and products. If you've been to SEMA, you can think of TAS as the same sized event but every single hall filled with modified cars. Can we call it car heaven? I think so.

Tokyo Auto Salon-3
Veilside focused on more of exotics rather than the typical sports car we see them go all out on. I wasn't a big fan with their kits when I first got into the scene, but as time was going by and doing thorough research on the company, my interest is almost at its peak!

Tokyo Auto Salon-5
There were a few rumors going on about HKS because of their absence at major car shows, but  those rumors were proven false after their presence at SEMA and TAS.

Tokyo Auto Salon-4
This S2000 by HKS you see here was at SEMA.

The one at SEMA. Yeap~ exactly the same other than the wheels and missing decals. A new supercharger kit for the S2000 was announced/shown at TAS, so for all S2000 owners, if you want that extra 100HP for a few grand, save up!

Tokyo Auto Salon-7
This Rx-8 by Knight Sports never got a proper introduction other than its feature on Import Tuner last year. If it's the one I'm thinking of, it's powered by a 13B Twin-rotor and of course additional HKS parts because it was displayed under HKS.

Tokyo Auto Salon-6
The legendary Mazda 787 was not only on display, but actually tracked on one day during TAS. From the coverages I've read, the rotary sound coming out from this beast was a pleasure to the ears.

Tokyo Auto Salon-8
You might be clueless on what this little vehicle is used for. It's called the Yokohama HER-02, an electric car driven to compete in the legendary Pikes Peak Hill Climb.

Tokyo Auto Salon-9
The Subaru Impreza GVB by Kansai Service (part of HKS) looked pretty awesome from the coverages I've seen during this past week. A few parts were upgraded for better power and looks.

Tokyo Auto Salon-11

Tokyo Auto Salon-10
R35s from HKS Kansai Service.

Tokyo Auto Salon-12
Within TOMMYKAIRA was another branch called Rowen that was formally introduced at TAS (Credit goes to Bulletproof for the info).

Tokyo Auto Salon-14
The infamous TOMMYKAIRA never ceases to amaze the world with their exotic kits. You can't really see it in this photo, but the NSX displayed at the left was rad!

Tokyo Auto Salon-15
Holy width and stretch!!!!! It would be an honor to get pulled over by this cop.

Tokyo Auto Salon-16
The CRZs by Mugen, known as CRZ RR, are powered by a supercharged motor. If that wasn't enough, the additional aero parts made the car look even more sexier and slicker.

TAS #2-1
I'll definitely look more into Junction Produce when I go to Japan next year. I'm a huge fan of VIP companies, especially JP.

I truly fell in love with this Rx-8 when Charles sent me a photo of it before he sent the rest. Maybe it's the color, wheels, kit...dammit..I just love the whole combo. The wheels are the new Volk TE37 Tokyo Time Attack edition.

Swag Van~ It's modified cars like these that separate Japan from the rest.

Fuuuuuu.. the trophies should explain everything.

TAS #2-2
One section you can't miss at TAS is the parking lot. It's like another car show with more of that 'live' vibe because these cars are actually driven and shown at the same time.

TAS #2-3
Looks like a Lamborghini from Liberty Walk.

TAS #2-4

TAS #2-5
I literally broke my neck looking at this Celica. I've seen numerous slammed ones but this is just fukin crazy.

Charles tried his best to cover the event as much as possible. He is still learning in photography, so watch his gradual progress this year. Thanks again Charles for covering the event for NI! <3


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