Nightlight | Memorable Rides of 2011 (Part 2)

January 9, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

"What the...I thought he was done with the Memorable Rides article.." Yeap! I was~ but sitting down at Starbucks yesterday and thinking about my blog like always, there were a few more rides I just had to give some spotlight because of its well-built figure and uniqueness other than the 10 cars I introduced to you guys in my Memorable Rides of 2011 post. This is why living in California as an automotive enthusiast is like a blessing. Well-rounded quality cars will mostly be in California and those rides are good enough to stun the world. On top of that, there will always be a car show or meet within every single week. What more can you ask when everything you want as an enthusiast happens in CA? It reminds me of my automotive childhood (only a year ago because I didn't know jack shiet about cars back then) when I went to my first event, then to the second on the following week, and then next week, next know how it goes. I obviously can't remember every single ride in the scene throughout my active years, but the ones I do remember means that those cars had a strong impression. For all you girls, it's the feeling of going inside Louis Vuitton, seeing a newly released bag, going home and thinking about it 24/7. Without further ado, I would like to continue with my choice of memorable rides from 2011.

Night Import Choice #11
AutoCon 2011-148
Ah~ How can I forget about this ride when it's the only G35 in CA with a catchy and unique color. If the color wasn't applaudable, check out the Gold dipped Leon Harditt Ordens! No kidding around guys. Those were actually 24k dipped, so take your mouse and click on Google Chrome, type in Leon Harditt Ordens in the search bar, find out the price for an 18 inch set, figure out the price for Gold dipping a wheel face, and you'll get your final price. I'm just playing around with the amount of value this car was put into to make it look like how it is today, but the overall appearance was definitely memorable. If you saw this car in person, I'm pretty sure you thought about it while eating dinner or taking a shower. For those who were curious on who the owner was, he's the owner/creator of Import Fashion.

Night Import Choice #12
AutoCon 2011-223
Definitely a rare combo on a S14. We've probably seen a few S14s on the Supermade Instant Gentleman's kit from Japan, but not one with 20 inch wheels. Some people call this a VIP-style S14, but I personally think it's more than just VIP. I don't know how to explain it, but it was one memorable S14 from the many I've seen last year. It was featured on Royal Origin's page, so to read more about it, click here.

Night Import Choice #13
LAS 2011-240
If you think of one team in California that dominates every award category at major car shows, it will have to be Auto Concept Elite. These guys have the sickest cars in the State and I'm pretty sure they will be one of the toughest teams to overcome if competed at a world-wide car show. This GT-R R35 should be a perfect example on how creative this company can get, while surprising the world. Auto Concept Elite is associated with a shop called High End Performance and this body kit was made by the shop. It was a huge hit at SEMA last year and still a favorite amongst many automotive sites.

Night Import Choice #14
We have to admit the now called Toyota 86 was such a hype few years ago and many were anticipated to see the final production version. Sure enough, the wait was well worth it. The US version, Scion FR-S, was released not too long ago at Los Angeles, CA and I was luckily invited to the event by Scion corp. If you still do not know the basics about this model, the Scion FR-S is the same as Toyota 86 (Japan version) and GT 86 (Europe version). There were enough photos going around the net before I even went to this event, so I wasn't really surprised or excited to see its release, but what really surprised me was the GReddy modified Scion FR-S. With the all new Rays wheels and few GReddy parts, the FR-S was stunning!

Night Import Choice #15
AutoCon 2011-86

If you live in SoCal and active in the scene, you should know about Jon Jon's VIP style Lexus IS. It's been dominating almost every VIP and Lexus award categories at major car shows and to actually compete with this car was the same as facing a huge ass wall that was almost impossible to climb over. I've seen Jon Jon's car wayyyy back when I actually showed my car with my boys Low N Slow, but why I decided to choose his ride was because of one mod I've never seen before; it was the Endless BBKs dipped in Neo-Chrome. I don't know about you guys, but to dip one of the most sexiest and reliable BBKs in a baller color is just insane! Props!

Night Import Choice #16
I'm a huge fan of VIP rides and coming across one takes away some of my coverage time just to observe a few. I've seen so many VIP and VIP style rides last year and it was very difficult to choose one that was actually memorable. It's not like I'm supposed to feature a VIP platform car, but from so many present in CA, I just had to give one spot, and that spot goes to this LS400 from Kyoei-USA. I came across this LS at SEMA last year and remember walking around it for a good 20 minutes. One of the reasons why I favored this car so much was because of a kit that many VIP rides didn't have; Aimgain. Don't get me wrong, I love other kits such as Junction Produce or just stock ones lowered on authentic wheels, but one that stood out deserved some recognition. I actually gave this beauty a Random Nightlight, so check it out.

Night Import Choice #17

Yes! I have no idea why I forgot about these beauties. If you aren't familiar with this kit or just this whole combination on a S13, it's called an Odyvia. The one above is straight from Japan and the bottom one is from MasterMind located in Sante Fe Springs. From what I've heard in the past, the one from MasterMind was built from scrap, so it was even more impressive to see the completed beauty. To read more about this ride, check out the feature done by MotorMavens.

Night Import Choice #18

Coming across a well modified AE86 is not too common here in CA. I'm not talking about ones that are beat up with cracked bumpers, lowered on coilovers, and finishing it off with authentic wheels. Although those cars are still sexy, I had to give this infamous AE86 from R-Rydes the spot. Not is it only clean as f*ck, but a F20C engine swap with only quality parts on the car makes this AE86 stand out from all the ones sitting next to it. It was featured in various magazines and blogs, so I'm sure many of you guys not living in CA know about this car. Let's see what kind of a makeover this beauty will go through this year.

Night Import Choice #19

At any car show you go to, there will be at least one S2000. You'll either see ones that are modified for only style or fully built to perform. From the many I came across last year, there was one S2000 that stood out. It isn't all about an exotic widebody or set of wheels that makes a S2000 stand out, because this S2000 is a great example of showing how a car can be attention worthy with a stock looking bodyline. Here's Alex Soto's, aka Sheepy, S2000 with an engine setup that amazed everyone. often do you come across a custom dual wastegate setup on a S2000. Really?
Thumbs up to the owner for building a spectacular ride.

Night Import Choice #20
AutoCon 2011-72
I'm a die-hard fan of Rx-7 FDs and when I come across one that's appealing, I literally take more than 20 photos of the car. You think I might be joking around right now, but if you do know me as a friend, then you'll understand my craziness over these cars. From last year, there were only a few that caught my attention. I was going to fill in the last spot with the full Veilside Rx-7 I spotted at SEMA, but because I'm more of a simplistic guy, I had to give this beauty the spot, owned by Jon from 3T Motorsports. It's a combination of both FEED and RE-Amemiya front, classic Bronze Volk TE37s, making around 500hp to the wheels. Is the car done? You'll have to wait and see.. *hint hint*

Wow...I chose another ten cars and still want to continue, but because I want to limit myself with choices, I'll stop right here and leave the rest to you guys. I'm expecting to see some new rides at the next upcoming event called "So You Think You Can Stance?" hosted by It's JDM yO! so stay tuned! Payce!


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