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January 30, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Steve's GTR R35
It's around 12pm when I get ready to head out to study. Those who know the pain of going through a massive book filled with unknown vocabulary and useless contents that don't relate to your future career, understand the constant migraines that hit you every time you open your eyes. You just want to sit at home, browse through the net, and waste some time, just to forget about what you have to do in the next few minutes. But reality strikes you and you're pretty much forced to get out of bed, get ready, and go out to study. If you have a fun car to drive like myself, driving out to study ain't that bad! A bit of zigzagging and sudden acceleration wakes me up even though the car is running on -8 camber. Additionally, my experience going out during the afternoon is greeted with a sound from a straight turbo-back exhaust that can be heard from a mile away. No, I'm not trying to exaggerate this scene. It really is loud enough to hear from a mile away and I actually hear it almost every other day while going down a sloppy road to hit the freeway. But it's not only that orgasmic sound that's pleasing because once that sound gets closer, I realize it's a modified Nissan GT-R R35, fitted with aggressive wheels and surrounded with aerodynamic parts to give it an even more aggressive and sexy look.
Let me introduce you to a monster that's not too much known in the scene. The owner is Steve from the Valley area and he daily drives this beauty like a boss. If it's getting featured on Night Import, you know it's worth to take a look at, so read along.

Steve's GT-R R35
R35s are known to be the most powerful car in the market in its price range today. You really don't need to mod a car that already has ~520HP in its pure stock form, but like every tuners out there, we want more. I'm always amazed when I see an even slightly modded R35. That's why I was surprised and stunned when I first spotted Steve's ride at a local meet. Like many say, modifying a car never ends, and for Steve, it was the same.

Steve's GT-R R35 Side
Actually, it wasn't a local meet when I saw Steve's ride, but at Bulletproof Automotive's first car meet. I didn't know him back then but did hear about Password:JDM making prototypes for the R35 and Steve was one of the first R35 owners to have parts from that company.

Steve's GT-R R35 Rear #2
As mentioned earlier, you can hear Steve's R35 from a mile away and that's because of the first manufactured straight pipe turbo-back exhaust from Password:JDM. I actually visited the company a few times when the exhaust officially hit the market, but it is now produced with a small resonator at one of the tips to reduce the noise. On the other hand, the exhaust on Steve's car is a full straight pipe that's louder than any exhaust you can imagine for the R35.

Forgestar CF10 Side

Forgestar CF10
What really sets apart a car from many others is obviously the choice of wheels and stance. The loud and orgasmic sound of Steve's R35 is just an addition to its sexiness. Not too long ago, Steve was sponsored by a wheel company called Forgestar. Sitting on KW Clubsports coilovers, the perfect width and offset Forgestar CF10s fit perfectly under the fenders. The constant rubbing in the front will soon be solved after a proper alignment.


Steve's GT-R R35
Aerodynamics was another feature Steve focused on. Along with the exhaust from Password:JDM, the front spoiler, rear diffuser, and carbon NACA ducts were from the same company as well. The addition of Voltex Type 5 wing is just another addition to what might seem as a full track car.

Password:JDM front spoiler/lip
Password:JDM rear diffuser
Password:JDM carbon NACA ducts
Password:JDM turbo-back exhaust
Voltex Type 5 wing

Recaro Profi Carbon-Kevlar SPA seats

Recaro Profi Carbon-Kevlar SPA seats pad Steve's GT-R R35 Interior
Holding Steve every day during his drive to work or wherever he feels like going, is a Recaro Profi Carbon-Kevlar SPA seat, one of the most expensive aftermarket seats in the market and known to be comfortable and supportive for racing.

Steve's GT-R R35 Front
Steve's a busy guy, which is the reason why you won't be seeing his car at any shows other than meets that are held on late nights during the weekend or maybe during the week, such as the well known Cha for Tea meet at Alhambra, CA. I'm hoping to see his beauty at shows because I personally think it can be in the competition line with other R35s.

Steve's GT-R R35
Thanks again to Steve, 1013mm, and Auto Talent for making this feature possible.


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