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January 4, 2012

Night Import: Photography by NI photographers | Words by William Lee

Photo by Dan Purpura

I'm a bit late with this post, but because I know many of you guys loved the work contributed by our photographers, I decided to share a few memorable photos submitted by our photogs from 2011. Before I start sharing one photo per each photographer that I personally liked the most, I want to thank all of NI contributing photographers; Andy Nguyen, Nick Schultz, Jim Davis, Dan Purpura, Jay Ebue, Rich McKee, Charles Zee Zayas, and Kaoru Shoji, for their awesome work and support for my blog. These guys took my blog to a whole different level and brought more fans than ever. My intentions of recruiting photographers was to find talented photogs that didn't get enough recognition and through my blog, giving them the spotlight and exposure as much as possible. I don't know if NI played a major role in their current success, but I know for a fact that a few are now very known and work for several blogs, so to all NI photogs, THANK YOU!

NI contributing photographers are very talented in what they do. Each photographer has their own different and unique style, which makes them special and known in the scene today. Just because a photographer is active doesn't mean they become a candidate to contribute for my blog. It's the skills and dedication each photog has that made me choose these guys. In today's post, you'll be seeing my personal favorites from each photog and to start it off, the above cover photo was taken by Dan Purpura.  This photo of a S13 powered by a RB25 took Dan several days to edit and as you can see, those editing times were well worth it!

_DSC6848 copyNI
Photo by Dan Purpura

LFA Track Event

LFA Track Event
Photos by Nick Schultz

Out of all the contributing photographers in California, Nick has been my closest photographer buddy since I started NI. I met him at DSPORT's Drag Race event back in 2010 and after seeing his awesome photography work, I asked him to join NI. Nick taught me the basics of photography and without his help, I can't imagine myself to be at the level I'm currently at. His work was very unique and different from other photogs, which is why many companies and enthusiasts favored his work. This photo was taken at a special invitation-only Lexus event. Having the opportunity to shoot a LF-A at a private event like this would have been a thrilling experience. Not only was this photo viral on the net, but his overall work became a hit in the automotive community.

Photo by Andy Nguyen

Andy is another photographer in California and a close buddy of mine even before I started photography because we drove the same car. I don't even remember when he joined my blog, but when it came to drifting shots, I always looked up to Andy. He's been at almost every drifting event, including the monthly Sideway Sundays event as well. There are tons of exceptional drifting shots by Andy I can share with you guys today, but I chose this one of Fredric Aasbo sliding at Formula D.

R33 Nissan Skyline GTR & Ultima GTR
Photo by Jim Davis

Jim and Dan are very close friends from the East Coast and these guys have been submitting awesome photos throughout the year. I've wrote good amount of features on my blog because of Jim and his clever choices of cars that were feature worthy, but instead of showing you guys a photo that has been seen in the past, here's a photo that wasn't posted before on my blog, but one that I've seen and fell in love with. This photo is still famous around the net because of the tension, cars, scene, etc.

Lexus SC400
Photo by Jim Davis

Here's another shot by Jim from this SC's feature on my blog. Gorgeous shot!

Photo by Jay Ebue

Along with our photographer Andy Nguyen, another big help when it came to drifting events was our photographer Jay Ebue. It was also his detailed shots at car shows that was always a major part of my event coverages. Jay is actually a freelance photographer for various companies. He has been shooting for quite a long time and very experienced in both the car scene and social lifestyle events. I met Jay at Bisimoto's Gathering last year and since then, we have been in contact throughout the year, meeting at car events, shooting together, and featuring some of his shots on my blog.

Photo by Rich McKee

Rich was the first out of country photographer I recruited back in early 2011. One of the reasons why I wanted him to join my blog was because of his activeness in the automotive scene. If you check out his flickr page, he's been to numerous events and covering them for magazines and blogs. Big ups to Fast-N-Modded!

Porsche GT3 (24)
Photo by JMR Visuals

I've seen Jonathan's work before I started NI and instantly fell in love with his photography. He's been a contributor for various well-known blogs and magazines. I actually learned a lot through his tutorial videos and still getting tips from him as an amateur photographer. His professionalism is known throughout the world and many plans are ahead of him to become even more successful in the photography scene.

* The next two photographers I'm about to introduce are our new contributors from Japan.

Photo by Charles Zee Zayas

Charles is a new family member to my blog. He actually started photography not too long ago, but was very active in the automotive scene in Japan. Compared to his level of work in the beginning, he improved so much and now moving on to videography after a very popular video he uploaded on youtube. Keep your eye on Charles because this guy will be recognized with his skills in the near future.

Photo by Kaoru Shoji

Last but not least, our photographer in Japan, Kaoru Shoji. Kaoru-san works for an automotive company in Japan and because part of his job is to travel around the world and attend automotive-related events, he takes photos for his own enjoyment and for the company as well. You'll be seeing more of his coverage work throughout this year, so stay tuned!

Once again, I want to thank all of our contributing photographers for their awesome work and also to past photographers! Let's make 2012 an even better year! Woot!!!!!


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