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January 12, 2012

Night Import: Words by William Lee

What is up everyone! Hope everyone started off the new year positively. We all make resolutions but seriously..how often do we even follow them. Sit down and really think about what it is you want to achieve or accomplish for this year and make it happen instead of just saying it. Like many say, "Actions speak louder than words", so do what ya gotta do!
While in the topic of resolutions, let me talk about one resolution I made for Night Import. First off, you might be wondering what this article is about after reading the title. Yeap, Respect. It's not complicated to understand what respect is all about. You might think of it in the simplest form, such as respecting your elders. But today, while talking about the respect between people, I also want to include cars into the subject. What do I mean? Let's begin...

Managing a blog with daily visits of more than 5,000 will get feedbacks, positive and negative. I'm one of those guys who like to be honest and open-minded as much as possible, so whatever kind of comment I get from you guys, I try to reply it in an appropriate manner. Sometimes, this is not the case because of some comments that are totally absurd and honestly unacceptable because it's not even a constructive criticism but a threat or so immaturely said it makes me think what the hell that specific person is doing and why that person is in the car scene. We all can't agree with a certain style or a mod and I totally understand. But I personally think how we need to approach it should be done in an automotive enthusiast way IF you call yourself an enthusiast. You might then ask, how do I define an enthusiast? Let me keep this as simple as possible; Showing respect and being respectful for every single minor and major part of the automotive scene. Do I see this happening in the scene today? No.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but personally, certain phrases and words should be thought of before said. For example, the words like Gay and Stupid are the most common words I come across when one doesn't appreciate a certain style. Even phrases like, looks like shit is common to see these days on many sites. Let me add one more while I'm at it. Now, let's think about this carefully. When you see a certain mod and you respond it with "that shit needs to go", you're basically telling the owner to mod a car that's favorable by you, not his/her's. It's not like Forza 4 or GT5 where you get to customize a car and shiet. You're supposed to build your own car in your own way, not by what people tell you to do. Right? I'm sitting down, looking at my fanpage or other pages, see these comments, and become speechless. What has the automotive scene come down to? Is it a time period where cars are now being hated on if a it doesn't meet one's expectations? Was it like this before I got into the scene?

Why is it so difficult to show respect when it should be shown. There are plenty of other words that can be used and I'm sure I don't need to give you guys an example because this ain't no elementary school blog. It's the close-minded people today in the scene that's killing the progression of maturity level. All I'm asking from many of you guys is to be a bit more respectful and if there is a car you come across that doesn't fit your category of a 'clean car', just be constructive rather than showing hate in an immature way. K? Let's not create a line between haters and lovers. Everyone in the scene should be treated like a family member because we all share the same passion. Peace! v(^-^)v


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