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February 13, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Import Showcase-113
I felt as if I haven't gone to a car show for years! Actually..it's been only 2 months after attending AutoCon last year, but for some reason, that 2 months was a wait. I did go to car meets and stuff, but the atmosphere of a car show was something I truly missed. Luckily, my boy Alvin, owner of Import Fashion, worked his ass off to lock down a venue and create his own show for the enthusiasts. There were some complications last year when he tried to have his 1 yr. anniversary meet, but gladly things worked out well this year and the planned meet turned into an event.
Alvin is a close friend of mine in and outside of the car scene and our friendship started even before my blog was created. We actually launched our sites around the same time period, which is why I've been going to car shows and meets with him pretty often in the past. When I heard he was finally having his own show, I couldn't be any happier. His work throughout the months was appreciated by many because of covering both models and cars. I would say his blog's content was more toward models. According to Alvin, he will be featuring more cars this year, so stay tuned! I could go on and on about how awesome Alvin is, but instead of writing down my thoughts like I always do with coverages, I'll jump into the coverage on Import Showcase by Import Fashion.

Import Showcase-1
I was really surprised when I got off the freeway and was about 100 ft. away from the event location because there were more than 10 cops surrounding the front area of the entrance. The event was at K1 Speed in Torrance, CA and the event was held next to the building, not the parking lot in the front. When I saw the cops, I thought the event was raided!

Import Showcase-2
Well I found out there was a robber on loose and the cops were trying to catch his ass. I saw a few officers carrying taser guns, blocking small pathways, and running around back and forth.

Import Showcase-5
Even a helicopter! WOOT! I don't know if this was broadcasted live, but if it was, Import Fashion's event was on TV!

Import Showcase-112
As seen in the cover photo of this coverage, Alvin's G35, aka Gina, was parked in front of the showcase entrance. It finally came out of Al & Ed's after some project work being done, so it was pretty awesome to see it again.

Mida Sushi!!!

Import Showcase-4
While talking with some friends, my sister Lauren Lee brought us Sushi!!! She works at a sushi restaurant in La Habra, CA called Mida Sushi and we go there to chill and eat when we have time. You guys should check it out!

Import Showcase-6
The turnout was pretty good for a first event and it was more of quality cars that participated rather than the quantity. It was good to see a few R35s because I haven't seen so many at shows last year.

Import Showcase-9

Import Showcase-7
Loved the aggressive sized wheels and Esprit Dry CF wing.

Import Showcase-10
VIS kitted 350Z on Time Attack edition Volk TE37s. I think the owner of this car also owns a Genesis Coupe or maybe it was his girlfriend's, but either way, it was looking fresh.

Import Showcase-11
There were a few rides that did stand out, but hey~ we gotta appreciate every style right?
This Civic didn't fit my category of a clean car, but the mods on it were pretty unique. Dub style?

Import Showcase-12

Import Showcase-13
SoCalDriven in the house! Always good to see these guys coming out. I found out the owner of the R35 previously had a G37 and moved on to this car. Great choice!

Import Showcase-14
The guy with the Purple shirt at the far end looked very familiar..it's our editor Edgar!

Import Showcase-15
Alvin is pretty close with a lot of guys in the VIP scene, such as team Royal Flush.

Import Showcase-16
Gorgeously fitted!

Import Showcase-18
Probably the 2nd time I've ever seen a LS on MB Battles.

Import Showcase-19
Like I always say, Leon Harditt Ordens will always be baller rims. This LS was actually on air and fitment was sort of a extreme-poke-flush. A bit more camber and I think it would look much better.

Import Showcase-20
Repping it!

Import Showcase-21
Whoa! Look at those fully polished Work Equips.

Import Showcase-22
Check this out!

Import Showcase-24
How many cans can you fit in your wheels?

Import Showcase-25

Import Showcase-26
It's always good to see at least one nostalgic car at a show. This Bluebird was pristine!

Import Showcase-28
One of my favorite rides from the event was this turbocharged Civic EK with an Isuzu Gemini front end. Yogi from Fatlace told me the story behind this build and it was pretty interesting.

Import Showcase-29
Luigi's S2000 on Volk ce28ns. These wheels will soon be going to a new owner.

Import Showcase-30
Fitted and slammed STi from Royal Flush.

Import Showcase-32
I was expecting Auto Concpet Elite to roll deep, but the only car that showed up was this custom widebody GT-R R35. I LOVE this car!!!

Import Showcase-35
EuroTuner star didn't compete, but it was good to see his daily driven Audi.

Import Showcase-34
Just because he has a "Get Clsr" license plate, he always runs into my camera.

Import Showcase-36
BP VIP! Carl's Stylish IS! I re-featured his ride few weeks ago. Click!

Import Showcase-37
Ojay's LS is a stunner. I'm not gonna lie; I look at his car more than 5 minutes even though I see it at almost every car meet and show.

Import Showcase-40
Normanide's Previa is not your ordinary Mom's van.

Import Showcase-39
Even he says it.

Import Showcase-38
I didn't know he had this VIP accessory. Anyone want some sake?

Import Showcase-42
I don't remember seeing this GS, but it was done by AA Autoworks in Van Nuys, CA. The JP Visage ground effects made this car look sexy as hell. Even my friend Dino was complimenting the car and he has a sick ass Benz with a Wald kit getting ready to be put on.

Import Showcase-41

Import Showcase-60
Looking at John's FD makes me really jealous. His car is a perfect example on how I want mine to look like once I get one.

Import Showcase-43
Forgot the owner's name, but this Y33 became one of my favorites after seeing it at HIN. I believe this is the only Q on the K-Break kit.

Import Showcase-44
I don't remember seeing this ride before. Stunning!

Import Showcase-45

Import Showcase-46
BP VIP represent!

JP's Cressida
Woot woot! JP, aka PapaBear's Cressida on BBS RSs. So fresh!

Import Showcase-48
James Oliver's Prelude on Work Equips.

Import Showcase-49
Those Bronze lips looked perfect on the Red G.

Import Showcase-50
Ryan's Rx-8 on Advans just chilling.

Import Showcase-51
Definitely not common to see a modded Smart car other than the one by SuperStar.

Import Showcase-52
How about some NOS and BBS RS?

Import Showcase-53

Import Showcase-54
I've seen this AE86 at JCCS last year and loved the custom paint and new Work Meisters.

Import Showcase-55
Ouf~! Talk about driving in style!

Import Showcase-56-copy
I forgot what car had these wheels, but from far away, I thought they were Volk Racing RE30s before I took a closer look....

Import Showcase-56
What the fuck is Uniracing....

Import Showcase-58

Import Showcase-57
It was funny how this Civic on real Volk RE30s was parked right next to it. I'm guessing it was a joke or something.

Import Showcase-59
Wowzeres. A classic Subaru Vivio Rx-R on Gram Lights!

Import Showcase-62
Ah~ Aimgain Q on new wheels! Digging the new setup!

Import Showcase-63
NOS Energy Drinks came out to support!

Mike Mao's NSX
Mike Mao's NSX on White Volk TE37s looking good like always.

Jon Jon's IS

Import Showcase-66
Jon Jon's IS. Both Mike and Jon are in a team by It's JDM yO! called Vanguard Collective.

Import Showcase-67
Didn't get a chance to take a shot of this IS-F colored G from Team RAREJDM, so a long range shot.

Import Showcase-68
Clazzio's booth had this awesome RC drift car.

Import Showcase-69
I took this shot while sitting down, trying to rest my legs to cover the other half of the show. While digging through my photos, Alvin came up to me asking if I can judge the cars along with Yogi from Fatlace and Oliver from MotorMavens (o_o). I've never thought of myself to be worthy to be a judge, but I did want to help out Alvin, so yeap~ I was a judge. Don't be hating on me because you didn't get an award! I was being fair as much as possible (^-^)v

Import Showcase-70
O look! It's the girls who handed out stripper business cards at Summer Daze event!

Import Showcase-71
I walked back to my car to move to a different lot and spotted some modified cars like this S2000 on Enkei RPF1s rocking JDMEGO's license plate.

Import Showcase-72
Hmmm...I didn't take a closer look into those Volk TE37s, but I'm guessing they were real because of the stickers.

Import Showcase-73
Another S2000 but on Tiffany Blue VS-XXs.

Import Showcase-74
I've seen this Evo here and there and really like the Takata Green Volk ce28ns. It even had the Aeromotion spoiler.

Import Showcase-75
Nice! Sitting on BBS LMs. Some of ya'll might be saying it needs a lower drop, but I actually like how it sits.

Import Showcase-76
Wooo~~ BMW vert. on Advans!

Import Showcase-77
Yo Yo! Our editor Edgar leaving the scene to attend a family BBQ.

Import Showcase-78
Five Axis Scion iQ was present under Beat-Sonics booth.

Import Showcase-79
New addition to the Low N Slow family, G35 on Work Meisters.

Import Showcase-80
I turned around and saw a bunch of guys in one area. I thought there was a fight, but....

Import Showcase-81
it was Ela Pasion posing for the peepz.

Import Showcase-83
One more shot.

Import Showcase-85
I saw another group of guys with cameras focusing on two girls.

Import Showcase-86
Girl in the black bikini or whatever... stance approved.

Import Showcase-87
I don't know her name, but my boy Tracy is a fan.

Import Showcase-88
Noel's G35 on SSR MS1s customized by Wheelflip.

Import Showcase-89

Import Showcase-90

Import Showcase-91
3 new Gs now in the LnS family..wait..it's 4 because I forgot to include the one on Work Meisters. Holy shit...our crew is becoming a G crew!

Import Showcase-92
I have to edit this photo because of various things not matching, but here's a SC from One Love.

Import Showcase-17
So You Think You Can Stance winner, Chris's GS.

Import Showcase-94

Import Showcase-95

Import Showcase-96

Import Showcase-98
It was good to see most of my family members at an actual car show. Seems like I have to fix my car soon :)

Import Showcase-99
No wonder I couldn't find Milt. You got spotted!

Import Showcase-100
Alvin with ... Amber (?) and Christian, aka IF photographer.

Import Showcase-101
Something serious was going on here...

Import Showcase-102
DJ Pow being the MC for a contest.

Import Showcase-103
Pointing out people who roll on Rotas.

Import Showcase-104
and JP was like... "o shit~~~~"

Import Showcase-105
"This guy can shuffle!"

Import Showcase-106
John in the middle obviously didn't know how to shuffle. Look at his face expression...

Import Showcase-107
Our videographer UMWorks made it out! Here's his video coverage.


Import Showcase-108

Import Showcase-110
This guy knew how to shuffle.

Import Showcase-111
But not everyone was enjoying the performance.

Import Showcase-114
Sticker on Luigi's S2000.

Import Showcase-115 Import Showcase-116
Chris and Steve from Liquid Kiss Productions.

Import Showcase-117
Now to the awards, John won Best Mazda.

Import Showcase-118
People were saying Jason looked like someone from Top Gear USA.

Well hello there Milt.

Import Showcase-122
O gawd...

Import Showcase-124
.......................O no.....

Import Showcase-126

Import Showcase-127
Ela Pasion, Alvin, and Holly Lee.

Import Showcase-129
Pose like a BOSS!

Import Showcase-130
Ending the coverage with a shot I took of Team Nuisance.

Great event, good times with my family and friends, and awesome food provided by Lauren and Alvin. Peace!


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