NightLife | Royal Flush meet @ Ray Ray Restaurant

February 27, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Enjoying the beautiful weather in California, but grinding my teeth because of ridiculous gas prices, the best way to deal with my ups and downs was to attend a car meet! You know there will be at least one meet during the weekends, so I always tend to plan ahead by calling my friends to come out to a certain meet or go alone to see what's up. Last Sunday, I stepped out of my house to buy a toner for my old ass printer, but after finding out Office Depot didn't have any for my printer model, I was just sitting in my car, thinking of what to do. If I wanted to be a studious person, I would've gone to a local cafe to study, but because it was a weekend and I wanted to do something else than shove my face in medical books, I hit up my good friend Lauren who works at Mida Sushi to bother her. She reminded me about a meet I attended last month hosted by Royal Flush at Ray-Ray Restaurant located in El Monte and told me RF was doing it again. I think it's becoming a monthly meet now because the turnout is pretty dam good. Other than the cars though, I like the drinks at Ray Ray's, so that's another reason why I wanted to go :)
Enjoy the short video coverage!


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