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February 26, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

How's it going guys! Welcome back to my blog. Things have been pretty hectic these days, which is why you guys aren't seeing a lot of features or coverages, but I'm starting to go out there when I can and because SoCal is about to get packed with meets and events, you'll be coming back to this blog almost every week just to check out what I covered (^-^)v I can tell you that my activeness in the scene won't be as much as last year because of my priorities, but I promise you that NI won't die out. Don't forget my blog has contributing photogs around the world, so you'll be seeing some awesome contents from them as well.

I'm sure many of you guys have noticed the constant event invites through facebook or new posts on forums regarding upcoming events, especially in Southern California. Looking through my event calendar today in the morning, there are more than 10 events in the next 2 months, so I'm pretty much listing which ones to go to rather than trying to go to every single event. I can say yesterday's meet hosted by Wrong Fitment Crew was a start to all the msjor meets because it had a great turnout! If it was your first time attending a car meet, then you went to the right one. I saw a few new cars and ones that changed a bit, so I'm excited to see the unexpected this year.

Because the main showcase parking lot was packed, I had to move away from that area and park somewhere else. Luckily, there was an open spot across the street, so after parking there and walking to the show lot, I spotted this old man driving one of my favorite cars, an Acura NSX.


Saw Angelo and Nimo from Royal Origin while standing at the crosswalk. Their rides were looking fresh like always.

Slammed! Not my taste when it comes to modification parts, but the drop was sexy.

This was one sexy G that I spotted while walking across the street. I've seen plenty of Gs last year, but this one was new. The bright Purple paint color and on White Work Meisters were droll worthy.

Uh oh. There were a few cops at the entrance to re-direct traffic. The parking lot was full, so those who came late couldn't enter.

I've been to this place more than once when there was an event or a meet and every time I came here, cops were handing out tickets. Fortunately, the cops were loose on the day of the meet. BUT! they had to shut it down because of WFC not having a permit. The funny part was, they said a permit was needed if more than 150 cars were participating and then said we had to leave because all of our cars were lowered. Anyways, they were pretty chill and courteous enough to inform us about what was going to happen. I mean, some cops are just douches, but it was a different story yesterday.
Now to the sucky party, this all happened 10 minutes after I arrived :( I barely had time to cover the meet, so my apology for not being able to take a lot of pics.

Simply fitted on CCWs. I hope to see some unique wheels on BMWs rather than CCWs this year. Don't get me wrong, I love CCWs, but it's been getting played out in the Euro scene. I want to see something different!

Hmm..if this is the G I'm thinking of, it's supercharged.

Black on Black is such a tasteful modification style. Loved how this Subi was slammed on VS-XXs.

Owner of this Mini Cooper chilling inside his car. Anyone know what wheels those are? Looked pretty good on the Cooper.

Wagon on HREs. Time to go to school kids!

Wow! Simply done, yet catchy as hell. I think it's because of the color.


Milt decided to sell his Garsons and move on to a different set. What you see are Work Equips. The fronts are a bit more aggressive and the rears are less aggressive than before. Of course, the fitment is flawless.

Low N Slow family.

And the rides. :) Don't hate me for saying this, but the fitment on LnS rides are top notch compared to other rides I've seen so far. Yea yea~ I'm in the team, so you might think I'm being biased, but seriously, check out the rides and you be the judge.

Noel's G on SSR MS1s customized by Wheelflip. Gawd...I've said this so many times now lol

WFC staffs informing everyone to leave. No bueno!

I just liked how this couple was hanging out at a car show enjoying the cars. Well..I think she was, but I might be wrong.

Posing for Night Import.

Dean's tC is one tC to definitely appreciate.

O gawd...look who it is...

1013MM represeting Domo. Ok..I'll admit..the backpack was freakin awesome.

Allen's IS from LnS is now Supercharged!

Jose's Audi representing Import Fashion.

I just like this pic.

Mmm Evo on Enkei RPF1s in SBC finish. Something about that finish makes me excited...not sexually though...

The fitment on the Red EK with Isuzu front.

Ouf! Subaru Legacy on RPF1s. Sweet!

Mike Vo's Job Design GS
Mad love to Mike Vo's Job Design GS.

Norman's GS? I think it is because of his company's decal, VIP Tint.

Daym! Talk about thick ass tires.

Not too slammed, but I like Jon's Z :)

This Audi wagon sick...

I've seen this ride before! Those Rotiforms looked great on VW Corrado.

Bernie's Golf on Fifteen 52 Tarmacs.


The owner of this Tiffany Blue or Teal xB lives in NorCal and came all the way to SoCal to attend the meet. He also came to my first meet at JIC Magic.

LnS members walking like a BOSS!

I think I saw this wagon at JCCS. Clean as f*ck!

Jesse's Celica now on rebarreled Epsilons! Dam!

Cars now leaving.

And Cops getting ready to shut them down! Just playing~

Chris walking like a G after giving me some LIMITED EDITION NIGHT IMPORT DECALS! Sorry, I had to emphasize that because it's some exclusive shiet!

Sunglasses are awesome.

Felt bad for this guy because his hood was opened exposing all the engine aftermarket parts and the cop stepped out of his car to inspect it. I don't know what happened, but I think he just gave him a warning.

Armand repping 1UP!

Job Design GS leaving the scene.

I had no idea Project-G attended the meet. Good to see some well-done Miatas.

Wait...what?..huh?? Other than the 'unique' body work done to this Miata, big ups on supporting Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

"Hello officer! I'm just rollin~!"

Grandpa-1 WFC-60
Just to compare, two old guys; one driving an Acura NSX and the other driving a Bentley. Which
old man has more swag? :)

Have a good one guys! Peace!


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