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February 29, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Full
One of the grateful things that ever happened to me in the 'scene' is being able to meet people in the automotive industry and through those people meeting others that have contributed vastly to make this scene even better than how it is today. When I mean by better, it's not only referring to people but cars in general; breaking our perspectives of how much power a car can put out or modifying a car differently and surprising the world. We get interested in a specific company or person that has done the job and the unconditional support starts from there. A company I came across that strongly relates to this story is SP Engineering located in City of Industry, CA. I actually did not know about SP Engineering until one of the staffs contacted me through facebook, asking if I was interested in shooting a car that no one has seen. It was an honor and a time period when I realized my hard work has paid off. With the upmost feeling, I headed down to SP to see what the surprise was, and sure enough, I was stunned and speechless.

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Front
I've come across GT-R R35s more than I have ever expected last year, and looking at one was always an unforgettable moment. The tough looking body was its charismatic feature and just by seeing one from far away instantly made me think it was the king in its class. There's really nothing to be touched when it comes to a stock GT-R R35. The performance is outstanding and the body lines are already aggressive.

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Rear side

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Front Side
But like every tuners out there that wants more, we sometimes come across cars that's out of the ordinary. This GT-R R35 is not your common stock looking one you sometimes see in the streets. Surrounding the exquisite bodylines of this GT-R R35 is a kit made by TommyKaira, a company in Japan known for its kits and performance parts.

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Top Front
Not so many R35s are surrounded with Carbon Fiber parts, and even if it was, it wouldn't be as exotic as this one.

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Advans

TommyKaira GT-R R35 back side
The Matte Black finished Advan RS-Ds are wrapped with Toyo Proxes.

TommyKaira Top Secret GT-R R35
I'm going to speculate many of you guys thought this R35 was from Top Secret, but you're not so off. Although it is not from TS, the color is indeed Top Secret Gold.

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Engine Bay
SP Engineering specializes in developing their own modified R35 engines. What you see here is an example of  their outstanding work.

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Rear

TommyKaira GT-R R35 Side Side
I would love to give you guys more info about this car, but because of confidential reasons and not knowing the full mod list, all I can show you guys today are these photos I took at SP Engineering. I'm sure no descriptions was necessary because the car spoke for itself. Thanks again to SP Engineering for giving my blog the opportunity to share this beauty.


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