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February 10, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

M2 Motoring xB
It is rather rare to see Scions being featured in magazines these days. Other than the ones driven by professional drivers and drifters, Scions in general are difficult to modify when it comes to performance or even just for style because of the poor aftermarket support. However, there are a few out there that are overwhelming, like this xB built by Mike, CEO/owner of M2-Motoring. I've known Mike for over a year now because of owning a Scion and always thought of him as a high person because of his renown work in the automotive scene. His projects were displayed at numerous car shows such as SEMA and LA Auto Show. But today, putting aside his project builds, let me introduce you to his personal ride, the Scion xB.

M2 Motoring xB2
Mike and I have been talking about a feature on my blog for a long time but because of some conflicts, I had to put his feature on hold. Because I didn't have an opportunity to properly shoot the car, we decided to do an on-site photoshoot at 1013mm's meet last year. During this time period, a lot of his aftermarket parts were gone, but exterior wise, it was still looking fresh.

M2 Motoring xB3
The color scheme should ring a bell to many enthusiasts. If you thought of the Gulf Oil sponsored GT40, you are correct! I don't know the full story behind the paint choice, but it sure does look good on the xB!

M2 Motoring xB4
Many automotive companies made it possible for Mike to finish his ride. Representing those who helped you out is something many companies want to see!

M2 Motoring xB5
Not a common set of wheels and finish to see on any car. These are Work Equip 01s in custom anodized metal.

M2 Motoring xB6
Even more uncommon to see on a xB, Mike decided to go with a GReddy Supercharger. If I remember correctly, only a handful of these kits were produced by GReddy back then and Mike was one of the very few owners to actually run with it.

M2 Motoring xB7
The flush stance was possible with the well-known air suspension kit, Air Runner.

M2 Motoring 9
Mike's xB was very active last year and won numerous awards, but that continuing domination in the Scion class at car shows is now a history. The car is currently on sale and Mike is planning to move on to a different chassis. I'm looking forward to see his next project car and hopefully see it soon before I get out of the scene. Thumbs up Mike and thanks for being an awesome friend!


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