NightLife | 2012 LTBMW Meet & Greet

March 12, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

LTBMW 2012-10
Good morning everyone! I think that applies to those who live in the US right now, but wherever you are, welcome back to Night Import (^-^)v It's been a busy week like usual with car shows and meets. You know how it goes down in California, especially after winter, so expect a lot more coverages this year. I really wanted to focus more on features, but the time to actually go out during the weekdays and do photoshoots is not working out, so my apologies to all the car owners I promised to shoot their rides. It will happen soon, so give me a bit more time! But in the positive side for all you Night Import fans, a coverage should be good enough during your break time or if you don't have anything to do.
Last week, there were 2 places I needed to stop by to do coverage; LTBMW's Greet & Meet and Hot Import Nights. I was unsure if I had time to stop by LTBMW's meet because I got a sudden call on Friday asking to work on Saturday, so my time schedule got pretty fuked up. Luckily, I ended early and had time to grab something to eat and head down to LTBMW's meet. Yeap~ I promised myself not to attend 2 car meets/shows this year, but it's not working out because I fuking love cars. :D
Let's get on with the coverage.

LTBMW 2012-2
I've realized I went to almost every LTBMW's meet after they've changed locations. I think it started back in early 2011 when I didn't know anyone and just went to check out the scene. Since then, every time when LTBMW had something, I went because the turnout was amazing. After knowing John Zhang, aka 1013mm, it got even better! Last week's meet was overcrowded with people and BMWs.
In this photo, one guy is taking a shot of HRE's new wheel.

LTBMW 2012-3
I'm not sure if HRE came out last year, but for this year, a few staffs were doing coverage and brought out some cars because of a good relationship with LTBMW and 1013mm.

LTBMW 2012-4
I arrived around at 11:30am and cars were constantly coming in.

LTBMW 2012-6
Of course, it was mostly BMWs.

LTBMW 2012-7
Representing VIP Modular Wheels.

LTBMW 2012-8
Loving those Advans.

LTBMW 2012-9
The quality of BMWs this year was much better than the ones from last year's meet.

LTBMW 2012-11
Old school BMW swag.

LTBMW 2012-12
People checking out the cars rolling in.

LTBMW 2012-13
Stunning custom colored BBS LMs.

LTBMW 2012-14
We know by know that BBS LMs go perfectly with BMWs.

LTBMW 2012-15
It was a surprise to see Mackin Industries having a booth at a meet.

LTBMW 2012-16
Wheels Wheels Wheels! Support authenticity guys!

LTBMW 2012-17
What would you choose? BMW, Lexus, or a GT-R?

LTBMW 2012-18
More cars coming in.

LTBMW 2012-19
Ah~!!!! Those wheels looked really familiar when I saw this car in front of the shop and later realized it was the 'Blurple' 3 series I featured 1 year ago when it was actually Blurple. Check out its feature here.

LTBMW 2012-88
Ain't that sexy?

LTBMW 2012-21
I think many BMW owners are changing their wheel setup from CCWs to something else. All I remember was seeing tons of BMWs on CCWs at meets and events last year.

LTBMW 2012-22
Concave madness.

LTBMW 2012-23
Something about this color makes me drool.

LTBMW 2012-24
Forgot what model those BBSs were, but it sure does look strong.

LTBMW 2012-25
Love this E36.

LTBMW 2012-26
Another shot of this beautiful 3 series on neo chrome Work Meisters.

LTBMW 2012-27
Depending on the wheel choice, it makes a huge difference in the car's appearance. Volk TE37s look great on any car.

LTBMW 2012-28
Representing my boy 1013mm with a decal. <3 those BBSs sir!
  LTBMW 2012-29
Vented hood + BMW = Sex

LTBMW 2012-30
Look who I spotted? Few guys from Royal Origin came to support.

LTBMW 2012-31
Haven't seen Time Attack Volk TE37s for a long time.

LTBMW 2012-32
Now that's a car to drop off your kids at school.

LTBMW 2012-39

LTBMW 2012-33
Concaveness. Seems like Vossen Wheels.

LTBMW 2012-34
O~!? Look who dropped by.

LTBMW 2012-35
Cheese~! Vincent's LS.

LTBMW 2012-36
and we also have LOL BAGS! haha~ Good to see Charles.

LTBMW 2012-37
Eric! Man..we gotta hit up those restaurants.

LTBMW 2012-41
Fitted IS-Fs are awesome!

LTBMW 2012-42
It took me a good minute to check out this Audi on old school BBSs because....

LTBMW 2012-43
the fitment on air was spectacular for the rears.

LTBMW 2012-44
Time Attack status.

LTBMW 2012-45
How about Work VS-XXs?

LTBMW 2012-47
Whoa~ No clue on why the guy at the left was smiling.

LTBMW 2012-48
Small but monstrous.

LTBMW 2012-49
I've seen this ride at my meet but couldn't let him come in because it was so packed! Sorry~

LTBMW 2012-50
Fuuuu~~~~ Matte Black for the win.

LTBMW 2012-51
Last time I saw those super concaved DPEs was on a M3.

LTBMW 2012-52
One of my favorites! Always loved this BMW on custom colored BBS LMs.

LTBMW 2012-53
Harro Red Bull girls!

LTBMW 2012-54
Bryan's ride on some new aggressive sized wheels.

LTBMW 2012-55
I call it the "Smurf Blue" M3.

LTBMW 2012-57
  LTBMW 2012-58
Inside LTBMW.

LTBMW 2012-60

LTBMW 2012-62
Can't go wrong with free Hamburgers at a meat~ <- You get it?
  LTBMW 2012-67
People waiting in line to grab that burger.

LTBMW 2012-64
GT-R R35 tuned by our supporters SP Engineering.

LTBMW 2012-65
What do you know about photographer stance? 1013mm doing work! and his Domo repping Canibeat!

LTBMW 2012-68
This is what I call photographer stand stance. Clifford showing some swag.

LTBMW 2012-71
This is what I call photographer aggressive look/stance. Julian Morales doing work!

LTBMW 2012-74
Hmm.....What spoiler is this?

LTBMW 2012-75

LTBMW 2012-76
Not so many cars have BBS Impuls. I have to emphasize this every time I see a set because I own one :D

LTBMW 2012-77
Track stance S2000 came in to check out the meet.

LTBMW 2012-78
Brothers rolling out.

LTBMW 2012-79
The meet was still cracking even before I left, which was around 2:30pm.

LTBMW 2012-80
Scott Chu in his Genesis. Clifford checking him out.

LTBMW 2012-81
I would love to have one for a track only car.

LTBMW 2012-83
Barry drove his GT-R R35 instead of his Ferrari.

LTBMW 2012-84
Forgot what color this was, but it was dam catchy.

LTBMW 2012-85

LTBMW 2012-86
1 Series on CCWs.

LTBMW 2012-87
HKS kitted Lexus IS on custom painted Enkei NT03+Ms. Love it!

LTBMW 2012-90
Ending the coverage with this IS-F rolling out. It was breaking necks!

Had a good time spending time with my friends 1013mm, Clifford, Julian, and others. HIN coverage coming soon!


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