NightLife | Infest X Glendale Infiniti & Nissan Meet II

April 16, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

The only time when I can actually go to a meet or an event early is on Sundays, and luckily, there was one meet going on that was actually really close to my town. It was hosted by a group of guys that I've known since last year, a crew called Infest. I promised to attend their meet when they made an announcement earlier this year, so after waking up, I dropped off my brother at Burbank and headed directly to Glendale Nissan & Infiniti Dealership where the meet was held.
Last year, our editor Edgar Lozoya attended Infest's first meet and did a coverage for us. It seemed as if the turnout wasn't bad at all. If ya'll don't know about Glendale though, it's not such a friendly city when it comes to cops, because living near that area for quite a long time, driving a modified car in that area is asking for trouble. Considering these circumstances, the amount of cars that did show up was good enough. Anyways, the turnout was pretty decent and I had a good time checking out rides and talking with peepz. Let's get on with the coverage.

One downside about car meets at dealerships is the lot size. The amount of cars that can actually fit into a certain area is really limited. All the cars parked at the right side of this pic were so closely parked to each other, I couldn't get full shots of some cars.

But one good thing about this meet was that the outside parking area was closed down for those who decided to show their cars. I was actually surprised to see some cops chilling at the meet. I'm sure those who were exiting the dealership after the meet pee'd a bit.

O yea! There was a guy selling ice creams! Cheap and good.

There were a few sponsors that had booths, such as MPC Forged Wheels.

Now to the cars, G from Low N Slow on Volk VS-XXs. Loved the fitment and cleanliness.

Barry from 1UP rolling out in his Midnight Purple GT-R R35.

Yrrel's FX on DPEs. He's in a team called Tochigi.



What's awesome about this team is that a few members drive GT-R R35s. I saw the Gunmetal/Grey one on the freeway while heading home and I was trying to catch up in my Camry to get some rolling shots..but... yea.... .............fuk...

I had a good time talking with Joseph, owner of this twin-turbo 350Z. I thought he tracked his car, but he actually just drives it as if it's his daily. If I remember correctly, he makes around 610HP to the wheels. The reason why his front bumper and lip is so fuked up is because he spun out and smacked into a pole or something.

Forgot to mention he's also in this crew called Boneout. Now, for those who know me, know that I chill a lot in ktown. Wherever I go these days and use the restroom, I see this sticker ALL THE TIME! What a great way to promote a team/crew. I'm going to start slapping on stickers too so keep an eye out on NI mini stickers :)



Gawd...I can't take my eyes off of these wheels....

I see some poke going on! Some camber needed asap!


Such a clean G on SSR SP3s.


Look what we have here? People driving by this area had to look at this beauty.

Haven't seen this Z for a long time.

Omid's S14 repping Low N Slow with a few other members.


These 300ZXs were my FAVORITE! Such a clean and proper stance on both.



Loved this Datsun as well.

Raffle time! I just remember Infest raffling off t-shirts, free oil changes, and something else.
Before I leave off, check out Glendale Infiniti & Glendale Nissan fanpages beacuse they are raffling off 2 Ipads. Just LIKE the page and you're entered automatically. PEACE!

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