NightLife | Puente Hills Car Meet 2012

April 2, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

Puente Hills-6
It's been a long time since I went to a car meet here in SoCal. Many of you guys already know I've been busy with work during these past few months, so my activity in the car scene has been diminishing. But as mentioned in my previous articles, Night Import is only a hobby, not a career, so don't be expecting too much this year because this actual blog will not be updated as it used to be.....actually...don't believe me because I tend to be more active when I say depressing things :)
So last week, I was busy having too much fun starting from Thursday to Saturday. When I mean "fun", I'm talking about going out at night time..and.. well.. I don't want to get too specific. I was way too tired on Sunday and decided to stay at home, but I got a call from JP, owner of the Cressida from BP VIP, asking if I wanted to come out to a meet at City of Industry. It was a car meet called Puente Hills Dealer Showcase hosted by Prestige Marketing. If you've been updated with my blog since last year, you should know Prestige has been hosting several meets at dealerships in City of Inudstry because of not worrying about the usual problems many face when hosting a meet. So far, I've been to almost every meet they've hosted except one or two. I forgot why I missed the others, but either way, when I told myself I would rest, I said to myself, "fuk it" and decided to head out after dropping off my brother.

Puente Hills-1
Right when I entered the showcase lot, I met my really good friends, aka teamgoodlife :D

Puente Hills-2
The meet started at 10am, but I arrived at around 1pm, so cars were going in and out.

Puente Hills-4
Although the meet was hosted at a Mazda Dealership, the meet was opened for every make and model. I spotted this Supra at the far end of the showcase lot.

Puente Hills-5
Can't go wrong with a Supra MKIII. It still looks dam sexy.

Puente Hills-7
Classic fitted VW.

Puente Hills-8
Not a fan of those wheels, but I just love Supras.

Puente Hills-9

Puente Hills-10
Look at that lowered stroller.

Puente Hills-11
Not so common to see a Benz on Work VS-XXs.

Puente Hills-13
Hmmm...were those real BBS LMs? Not sure, but the Gold + White look was nice.

Puente Hills-14
Whoa. I've seen a lot of Scion tCs at meets, but haven't seen this one. It's on the widebody kit that's on Ken Gushi's Scion tC.

Puente Hills-15
Slammed and fitted CR-Z. It sure was Ill.

Puente Hills-16
Jackson's widebody S2000 from team 1UP.

Puente Hills-17
Baldy's Do-Luck Evo 9 displayed under Toyo Tires. He's also a member of team 1UP.

Puente Hills-18
Wrapped G on Volks. Loving those Red Work Lug Nuts. It gives the car a sexier look.

Puente Hills-19
Rx-7 FD on Work VS-XX changing spots.

Puente Hills-20
It was good to see my friend David and his RSX. He tracks and daily drives his car. Props!

Puente Hills-21
I spotted this FC last year at SevenStock and liked its unique look. If I'm not mistaken, it has a RE-Amemiya front. Not sure if it's authentic or not.

Puente Hills-22
Dam I love Rx-7 FDs... this one was simple sitting on SSRs.

Puente Hills-23
Those are some high offset Enkei RPF1s.

Puente Hills-24
Ninja Turtles!!

Puente Hills-25
R35 love <3

Puente Hills-26
Ouf~ classic on Work Meisters.

Puente Hills-27
Unique hood job...

Puente Hills-28
Always loved this Audi.

Puente Hills-29
Evo from SpeedElement on a Voltex kit.

Puente Hills-30
I see this Z at Ktown pretty often. The owner tracks his car, but doesn't show it too often. I had a chance to talk with him under Boneout's booth.

Puente Hills-31
Spotted this EK at It's JDM yO's stance this year and really loved the color scheme.

Puente Hills-32
This Civic was constantly scraping when going out of the showcase lot. I'm not gonna was fucking low.

Puente Hills-33
Eddie's ride in style.

Puente Hills-34
Never get tired of looking at Arqray's BMW. It's straight from Japan and will be in CA for a long time, so I'll probably do a feature on it pretty soon.

Puente Hills-35
M2 Motoring brought out their project car that was showcased at SEMA.

Puente Hills-36
Sick ass M3 I always compliment on every time I see it.

Puente Hills-37
I've been seeing Savini a lot at events, which is pretty awesome because their displayed cars are sexy.

Puente Hills-38
Like this very well known Lamborghini.

Puente Hills-39
How about some Carbon Kevlar wheels?

Puente Hills-40
Uh oh~~~

Puente Hills-41

Puente Hills-42

Puente Hills-43
I've never seen a Brabus kitted Benz, so that was pretty awesome to spot at this meet.

Puente Hills-44
That sexy M3 from a distance.

Puente Hills-45
M2 Motoring owner at the right. Hi Mike! :)

Puente Hills-46
Illest CR-Z going out.

Puente Hills-48
Don't mess!!!

Before I end this coverage, I want to specially thank Jordan for coming up to me and complimenting on my blog. He told me how Night Import inspired him to start his own, which meant so much to me.

While driving back home, I realized how Night Import did become an inspiration to several people out there who just got into a car scene. When I think about this, I'm just really proud of what I've done so far with NI. I know it's a personal blog and I do talk a lot of shit, but if what I do is becoming a stimulus for some of ya'll to be more involved in the car scene and appreciate cars in general, then all I have to say is Thank You. :)

Be back with some more awesome coverage next week. Peace!


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