Event Coverage | Motion Auto Show 2012 (Pt. II)

May 22, 2012

Night Import: Photography and Words by William Lee

MAS 2012-195
Harro~! Welcome back NI fans. I really appreciate many of you guys leaving comments and liking my part 1 coverage of MAS 2012. It means a lot when a compliment is made on whatever I do that's involved with cars. I'm just a blogger and NI is a personal blog, so whenever I do get a positive feedback, that means I'm doing something right and you guys are enjoying my coverages and features. Right?

While in the topic of feedbacks and compliments, something pretty awesome happened last week at a bar/lounge I go to in koreatown called Gaam. If you love food and drinking, then you should know about this place because it is THE spot in ktown to chill with your homies. On Saturday, I met up with Steve and Luke, who are very well known photographers, to have some 'fun' (you can define that word in any way) until the place closed, which was around 2am. Afterwards, a guy named Jin came up to me, asking if I was the owner of Night Import. The conversation continued on and I found out he was a huge fan of my blog. He even knew all the recent posts I made on this site you guys are in right now. I really appreciate all of ya'll who take a look at the photos and words I post up on the fanpage, but I appreciate those who check my official blog even more. I'm just mentioning this small story because I want to say thanks to Jin for coming up to me and complimenting about my site. *thumbs up* Also, shout out to my new friends Steve and Luke who really made my day on Saturday. It was CHILL!

I gotta get back to my MAS coverage instead of talking about some random events that aren't related, so fast forwarding to Sunday, there were a lot of things I saw and heard other than cars in general. Some are confidential because I don't want to create some drama, but there will be some short stories/opinions/thoughts I want to mention for certain photos I'll be posting up today or maybe in my part 3 coverage.
I remember last year's MAS was really packed. When I mean by packed, I'm talking about cars parked close together and few aisles overcrowded with spectators. But for some reason, I felt as if the crowd was lacking and not a lot of teams/crews participated. It sort of brought back the memories of last year's event schedule when Nisei, MAS, SpoCom, and Wekfest were all happening within 2 months or so. Anyways, I decided to start off with one of my favorite cars at MAS, which was this WALD Black Bison LS600h built by VIP Auto Salon. I actually saw this car in ktown while watching the Lakers play and it was rolling into a lot filled with people waiting in line to eat at a restaurant. I don't know about you guys, but if I was one of those hungry people in line, I would've been a bit full checking out this car. Stunning!

MAS 2012-75
Right when I arrived at MAS, I was wandering around to check out the cars, and the first booth I went to was my boy Alvin's booth, the owner of Import Fashion. I think I've mentioned this before, but Alvin and I started blogging almost at the same time and since our debut, we've been doing our shit in the car scene consistently. I could say my site grew a bit, but Alvin's site grew tremendously. If you were at the show, you should've noticed the big ass space Import Fashion took over. There were a good amount of cars on display under IF's booth, such as this Z from team Style 63.

MAS 2012-76
Most of the rides in Style 63 were never seen before because some of them came out for the first time.

MAS 2012-77
...such as this Mode Parfume F50. Not is this kit only expensive, but it looks hard as fu*k.

MAS 2012-78
Ouf! Such a great color combo on this Y33. Much love!

MAS 2012-79
James Oliver is also in the team. He's been stepping up his game like mad!

MAS 2012-80
When I was about to get a shot of Luigi washing his S2000, EJ from FKN famous jumped in and posed for all you NI fans.

MAS 2012-81
Tracy's TSX now on fully polished SSR Professor SP1s that were purchased and worked on by wheelflip.

MAS 2012-82
We can't forget about Alvin's ride, aka Gina. It was sitting pretty at the corner.

MAS 2012-83
Eric from LiquidKiss was slapping on a decal on this G. Not sure if it's his, but nice set of wheels on it!

MAS 2012-233
Brain's Wald LS is a killer! I see him driving this beauty in ktown and his ride break necks 24/7.

MAS 2012-85
Carl's VIP style IS was looking good like always, representing his team BP VIP. He won 2nd place Best Lexus!

Now to the right side of the showcase area, a VIP crew called Liberty VIP had stunning rides in line. This super fitted BMW 745iL on Luxury Abstract wheels was just a start.

MAS 2012-87
Gotta love a fitted Lexus.

MAS 2012-88
Personally, the shape of a LS400 really makes the car stand out as a VIP car once it's slammed with proper wheels.

MAS 2012-89
Fudgedy diggity holy crapness fu*king gawd! Chris's GS is just way too extreme when it comes to wheel fitment. He actually daily drives his oni-cambered GS. By the way, he won 1st place in Stance! Now that's an award worth getting.

MAS 2012-90
Not too long ago, I wasn't a fan of tucked rear wheels, but I'm slowly digging that styled fitment. It looked pretty gnarly on this GS and I think it's because of the custom work done to the rear quarter panels, along with the front fenders.

MAS 2012-91
Not so common to see a slammed M45.

MAS 2012-217

Once again... Liberty VIP.

MAS 2012-92
Hmm....what a display?

MAS 2012-218
This photo is a bit blurry, but you guys should know this team. If not, it's probably because they didn't have that crazy display setup like they do every year. These guys usually come out full force at shows like MAS, but I was wondering why not even half of the cars showed up :/

MAS 2012-93
O well~ no matter what car comes out to show from ACE, it still amazes those who pass by it. This S2000 was definitely a new one in my book.

MAS 2012-94
I'm pretty sure someone knows the build behind this beauty, so let me know!

MAS 2012-95
Will always be one of my favorite cars I've ever seen since stepping into the car scene. According to one of my friends, although this Supra and the original Top Secret Supra in Japan look nearly the same, the work done to this one surpasses the one in Japan. Like I said, it's what I heard.

MAS 2012-96
Last time I saw this Evo...was on Craigslist! It's for sale, but I don't have the sales link :/

MAS 2012-97
The infamous custom widebody GT-R R35.

MAS 2012-98
I got tripped out when looking at this E36. All I remember was seeing a face of Tupac on the other side of the car...

MAS 2012-99
I don't know what color is getting popular where you guys live, but here in the states, it seems like the color Tiffany Blue is the shiet.

MAS 2012-100
Being in the scene for about a year and a half, there are many cars that I don't know of that came out 5~6 years ago. One car I heard of that took almost every Best of Show award was this twin-turbo Infiniti FX35 owned by Viet Nguyen.

MAS 2012-101
Now...ummm...all I have to say is...you have to see this car in person. It's absolutely mind-bottling (yes..I use that word when I'm super impressed). Of course, it won Best of Show.

MAS 2012-102
When it comes to highly modified Benz, Black Diamond Group is on top. There were a few luxury cars from BLK, but I forgot to take some snaps...dammit...

MAS 2012-103
A simple drop with perfect offset wheels... tits...

MAS 2012-104
Yes! A Prius I LOVE! Not just like..but LOVE! It's rocking a TommyKaira kit. How awesome is that?

MAS 2012-105
Drive this Porsche to Beverly Hills and break necks.

MAS 2012-106
I heard some loud music from the main stage and saw some break dancing competition happening. I wasn't interested, but felt like taking a shot, so here you go.

MAS 2012-107
Man....why so many sick Benz...

MAS 2012-108
I give up.. \(-_-)/

MAS 2012-110
Ou~! Didn't know this G was part of BLK.

MAS 2012-109
Polished as hell.

MAS 2012-112
At the far back were cars under Nitto Tires.

MAS 2012-111

MAS 2012-113

MAS 2012-114
I feel like crying....so beautiful..

MAS 2012-115

MAS 2012-116
Wow. BMW Z4 on VIP Modular wheels.

MAS 2012-117
I remember seeing this Veloster by ARK at SEMA.

MAS 2012-118
Baller. Enough said. Don't hate..or be jealous..

MAS 2012-119

MAS 2012-120
Jeff's tC got 2nd place Scion. Congratz!

MAS 2012-121
Team Hybrid rolled in pretty deep for MAS. You'll be seeing more cars from their team throughout the coverage.

MAS 2012-122
In your face.

MAS 2012-123

MAS 2012-124
While taking a break, I turned around and saw this newly joined Z from Low N Slow. The fitment was crazy and gorgeous at the same time.

MAS 2012-125
That lip!!!

MAS 2012-126
I couldn't take a shot of Milt's car because there were so many people around his car checking out the new wheels.

MAS 2012-131
Ryan finally sold his Vossens and changed to these VS-XXs. Good choice!

MAS 2012-146
Low N Slow guys taking over NOS's booth :D

MAS 2012-132
Hmm...looks familiar...can't remember.

MAS 2012-133
Daniel's Z finally came out of the shop with an even more powerful engine setup. The car is now making 523whp / 470tq at 10.5 psi. To see his feature, click here.

MAS 2012-134
Roll cage...bucket seats..and the license plate says Slow 911.

MAS 2012-135
I think this Subi was on a different set of wheels before these Volk TE37SLs.

MAS 2012-136
Want some SuprAss?

MAS 2012-137
Evasive Motorsports S2000 on some slicks!

MAS 2012-138

MAS 2012-139
Something about fitted BMWs...right?

MAS 2012-140
Digging the color.

MAS 2012-141
A lot of BMWs this year coming out with JDM wheels. Love it.

MAS 2012-142

MAS 2012-143
Blacked out and aggressive. Not such a fan of those colored side mirrors, but still gorgeous.

MAS 2012-144

MAS 2012-211
To end off the coverage, a teaser shot of the bikini contest. Actually, I took like 4 shots while the contest was going on because my lens couldn't zoom in enough to take some close up breast shots of these models. All I remember, was that girl in the Blue bikini had better abs than me. I need to start working out again..

Anyways, the last part of my MAS coverage will go up tomorrow, so stay tuned! Bye!


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