Event Coverage | 1JZ Meet @ Fuji Speedway (Pt. II)

September 26, 2012

Night Import: Photography by Charles Zee Zayas | Words by William Lee

JZ-32 There were a lot of photos Charles sent through e-mail throughout this week and I finally had time to organize and edit them for 2 separate coverages. Obviously, one was the one I posted up last week, which was the 1JZ meet at Fuji Speedway, and the other being the R's meet (will be posted up this week). Today, I'll be continuing from where we left off with our Part 1 coverage of the 1JZ meet, so you'll be seeing more show cars and drifting. Charles did a great job trying to cover the entire event. If you guys have some time, drop by his fanpage and give him a shout out!

  JZ-1I'm not sure with the amount of spectators that come to this show every year, but no matter what car show/meet you go to in Japan, you'll see a decent crowd. Not to the point where you're jammed between two people throughout the entire event.
  JZ-2Blue and White combo couldn't look any better.
  JZ-3How about this clean looking and well fitted JZX.
  JZ-4That lowness...
  JZ-5I don't know about you guys, but the Pink body color goes so well with this chassis.
  JZ-7More cars coming through.
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  JZ-9 Just the site of one gives me the chills.
  JZ-10Ready to get off the car and spectate.
  JZ-11Perfect car to observe first.
  JZ-12Let the drifting begin.




JZ-17 Really loving this shot.

  JZ-20 Weeeee~~~
  JZ-18Outside of the track, one car I favored the most out of all the cars Charles captured through his lens, was this Toyota Mark X. The fitment and body shape looks gorgeous.
  JZ-21More cars in the showcase lot.


  JZ-24 Looking like a badass.
  JZ-25Some of the participants getting ready to enter the track.
  JZ-27A good crowd.
  JZ-30I want to go to Japan... ㅠㅠ
  JZ-35Now that's a catchy color.
  JZ-36Definitely in love.
  JZ-38That infamous JZX I showed you guys in Part 1.
  JZ-40Even the security guard loved how it looked.
  JZ-39That rear camber.
  JZ-44Boss intercooler.

  JZ-46 White cars for the win.
  JZ-47So f'in clean.
  JZ-49S13 chilling at the side.
  JZ-50Tons of JZXs at this show.
  JZ-53Going wide.


  JZ-42 Few more rides to end this coverage. I really suck at writing things, especially on an event that I actually didn't attend, so please understand the shortness and not well-written coverage. Let's just say, today's coverage was all about the photos. Hope everyone enjoyed! Next coverage will be on the R's meet. Peace!


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