Nightlight | Amuse 370Z

March 28, 2013

Night Import: Photography by Nick Schultz | Edit by Jim Davis | Words by William Lee


In the automotive world today, especially in the modified car scene, there are not so many cars out there that are revealed to the public. Getting the opportunity to shoot such cars is a privilege for the photographer and also for the site that gets to feature it. A few months ago, my good friends from Bulletproof Automotive contacted me about a car that was built by their company, which was requested by the owner of the car, Oscar Morales. I have to give mad props to Oscar on deciding such a costly project. While many others go through a cheap route, it is those who support the original aftermarket companies that deserves recognition.  Already knowing Bulletproof Automotive being one of those companies that support authenticity and build flawless cars, I immediately accepted their request and asked one of our contributing photographers to go to their company to shoot the car. What you will be seeing today is a rare beauty. I'm not talking about an ordinary 370Z that you see on the streets. Get ready to be astonished.


There are many aftermarket companies today that support this model in the Nissan line, but rarely will you see one with a complete Amuse Vestito kit. Inside and outside, everything on this car is rare and authentic, which defines Bulletproof Automotive because this company supported authentic parts from the beginning. If a car is built by them, then you will obviously know that whatever car they build will be worthy for a feature.


A complete set of Endless BBKs and wheels that we all love, Volk TE37SLs.

When it comes to engine parts from Amuse, what I personally love are their exhausts. The touch of titanium and outstanding work of welding will make almost everyone look at it more than once.

What makes an exotically modified car look better is a talented model next to it. Early thanks to Sandra Wong.

Taking a quick look inside, you will see Recaro Sportster CS seats that are known to be very supportive for the driver and passenger.

Accommodating the beautiful set of wheels, the car is lowered on HKS Hipermax III coilovers.


The uniqueness of this car is absolutely surprising because a mix of other aftermarket parts make it look even more exotic.


What do I mean? Check out the complete list of parts on this beauty:
New 370Z 2012 Model Year (30.2 Miles)
Amuse Vestito Complete Kit
Amuse R1 Titan Brace Bar Type 2
Stillen 370Z, Dual Intake Kit, Gen 3 Ultra Long Tube
 Nismo S Tune Oil Filler Cap
Tommy Kaira R35 GT-R/370Z Rear Fog Lamp
Zele Carbon Radiator Shroud
B Pillar Cover Carbon
MCR R35/Z34 Red Tow Hook
Berk Technoligies High Flow Cats

Volk TE37SL Pressed Graphite 19x 9.5 +22
Volk TE37SL Pressed Graphine 19x10.5 +12
Bridgestone Potenza RE11 255/35/19 285/35/19
Tommy Kaira Heavy Baby Shift Knob
Endless Racing Z34 370Z 6Pot Front, 4 Pot Rear (2piece front and rear)
Endless Racing NS97 Pads. Anodized Blue Caliper and Anodized Blue Rotor Hats

Amuse Z34 Custom Nismo Extra STTI Gold Ring (A-Body, B Tail)
Amuse Z34 Custom Nismo R1 Silent Front Pipe
AE Powerformance Z34 Oil Cooler
HKS Hipermax III coilovers
Recaro Sportster CS Driver and Passenger w/ Custom Alcantara, double white stitching
Custom alcantara Wrapped steering wheel, double white stitching Bride Seat Brackets
Whiteline Front and Rear Sway Bars
Custom Alcantara w/ white double stitch door panel insert, arm rest, headliner, sun visors, pillars (Full custom Alcantara Black Interior)


I want to thank Bulletproof Automotive for giving us the opportunity to be the first site to feature a beauty that was never revealed to the public, Nick Schultz for his time to shoot this car, Sandra Wong for modeling, and Jim Davis for the outstanding edits.


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