Nightlight | Dial 911

March 18, 2013

Night Import: Photography by Jim Davis & Dan Purpura | Words by William Lee

1 The passion for cars like you and I continue on until we die. It's not just brand new cars that attract us, but also used ones that are stock or once built with aftermarket parts. Obviously, the built ones are sold much less than its original value, but if it fits our taste, then we think about if it's worth the buy. Today, you will see a car that was bought used, but built, and was built even more to fulfill the owner's taste. Let me introduce you to this beautifully built 2002 Porsche 911 Turbo owned by Chris Cossey.

  11Bought back in 2009 from Ruf Auto Centre in Texas, Chris loved how the car was already built and how it looked.

4 As you can see, the 911 already had a R Turbo 550 kit installed. Personally, I fell in love with this car after I saw a few photos of it because of how the car didn't look extremely modified, but had its internals updated as much as possible.
  Porsche corner rig 1Chris found out the car had a new clutch, turbochargers, intake piping, and a few other parts, hence making around 400HP. However, that wasn't enough for Chris. I loved how he mentioned, "after having it for a few months, it got a little boring to me, so I decided to change it up a little bit to add some power to it." I am sure t he word "boring" is something that we all have once said or thought about, because once you start modifying your car, there will never be an end.
  p2So what was done to it? Chris decided to take his car to EPL (European Performance Labs) in Connecticut where a lot of things were upgraded. I'm not talking about simple internal or external parts. Turbochargers, fuel injectors, a methanol injection kit, and a fuel pump are just a few out of the many. After the upgrades, the car made 599.9whp and 643ft lbs of torque using 93-octane fuel.

10 Not to mention the new wheels and suspension. Bilstien PSS10 coil overs, Performance Friction 01 compound brake pads, and OEM rotors and calipers are what is currently on the car and for the wheels, BBS E88 three-piece race wheels wrapped on Kumho Ecsta XS.

7Let's get on with the interior. Not a lot of parts were installed, but just to mention a few, an Alpine double-DIN was installed, as well as a JL amplifier and JL Audio W6 subwoofers, enclosed behind the rear seats.
  p4I'm positive that many of you guys fell in love with this car after reading the feature today. Everything about it is mint and built professionally.
  9I want to thank Chris for allowing us to feature his car and our contributor Jim Davis and Dan Purpura for shooting this car together for my blog. Just to give you guys a heads up, this car is for sale, so if any of you guys are interested, leave ma an e-mail :)

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