Event Coverage | Sessions Platinum VIP (Pt. I)

July 23, 2013

Night Import: Photography by All That Low (Charles Zayas) | Words by William Lee

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Being in the scene for more than 2 years now, I have encountered numerous "types" of cars; from track to fitted, almost everything in the scene today. Of course I appreciate every type ...except ones that have fake intercoolers and fake blow-off valves that make your car look like piece of shit :) One style I really loved from the beginning was VIP style cars. Many might think VIP cars are all about slamming them to the ground with extreme fitment, but let me tell you, there is much more to it.

The debate about VIP style has been going on forever. Personally, I don't think there is an exact definition of VIP style. If there was a standard for what a VIP style car should be, then I'm pretty dam sure almost every car out there that fixes up their car in a VIP style way would be all the same. I personally think the "details" make up a VIP style car.

Well today, this coverage post is not to discuss about what is VIP style or not, but to show you guys how strong the VIP community is in Japan by posting up a coverage of one of the biggest VIP car shows called Sessions Platinum VIP, a show that is hosted by a VIP shop called Sessions. Like always, the show was held at Fuji Speedway. You will encounter numerous cars here and will realize the people in this show have a passion for VIP style cars. I have looked through the pictures Charles sent me last week and was shocked to see some of these cars going over the limit of fitment and the details that were put into it.

VIP (2 of 46)I know some of you guys are saying, "the car is ruined" "how can you drive that" and etc. If you don't know anything about VIP style, then you shouldn't be judging and act like you know everything. People who understand VIP style will know what I'm talking about :)
  VIP (3 of 46)Back to our coverage, Sessions Platinum VIP show has been going on for many years. Many people bring out their VIP rides and every year, you will see new people and new cars here and there.
  VIP (4 of 46)I never understood why so many people outside of Japan disliked VIP style. But I think the appreciation for VIP has been gradually increasing.
  VIP (5 of 46)What we know as Lexus is very common in Japan that are being fixed up VIP style. I would say nearly 80% of the cars you see at VIP car shows will be either Lexus or Infiniti here in the States. This is also true in Japan, but lately, there has been many different platforms.
  VIP (6 of 46)Of course, the Lexus GS or Toyota Aristo (in Japan), is a common car you'll encounter at this show.
  VIP (7 of 46)Same theme as the Aristo at top, but a different model.
  VIP (8 of 46)It's surprising that so much money goes in one car when it comes to styling a car in VIP style. I've talked with some people few years ago in Korea and Japan and they told me more than $100,000 was invested to make their car look like how it is today.
  VIP (10 of 46)You'll realize that many of the body kits are clean or exotic. Some are just too exotic, but those kits look pretty dam good depending on what car it's on.
  VIP (11 of 46)One style you'll encounter immediately is the camber on many of these cars. Here's one that isn't too much.
  VIP (12 of 46)I could see the Toyota Crown at the right has extreme camber, which is known as oni-camber.
  VIP (13 of 46)Ouf! those projectors make the car look 10 times better.
  VIP (14 of 46)Remember about some body kits being exotic looking? Here is one that I think that has a lot of detail. I believe this one is by AimGain.
  VIP (15 of 46)Having that dumped look for the rear.
  VIP (16 of 46)It's amazing how some of these rides are not on air and straight-up on coilovers. The roads are so smooth in Japan, other than going over certain bumps, everything is possible. Yes, it's definitely one hell of drive if you have a car that's this low in the States.
  VIP (16 of 46)When talking about going over the limit of fitment, this Crown is a perfect example. You can see by the body work done to the front fenders and rear quarter panels. Fitting deep dish rims is one style many VIP car owners do.
  VIP (18 of 46)Itasha Mark X.
  VIP (19 of 46)That color (o_o)
  VIP (20 of 46)I was really amazed to see this Audi TT. Just seeing this car by picture still is amazing. When will you encounter a TT like this? If I'm not mistaken, this kit is made by Af Imp.
  VIP (21 of 46)I don't see too much VIP in this, other than the extreme fitment on Volk TE37s.
  VIP (22 of 46)One of my favorite rims on a VIP car? I call it a win.
  VIP (23 of 46)A classic with a classic VIP look.
  VIP (24 of 46)First time ever seeing this kit on an Aristo. Love the fogs and LEDs in the front bumper.
  VIP (25 of 46)Extreme. Unusual to see one piece Work Meisters with a deep deep dish.
  VIP (26 of 46)EXTREME!!!
  VIP (27 of 46)One thing you notice about this Aristo is the vent you see at the right. Many VIP style car owners pay attention to detail. Fender vents are cut to a unique design to fit the owner's taste.
  VIP (28 of 46)Absolutely stunning with the body work on this car. The wide wheels, drop, and perfect fitment with camber.
  VIP (29 of 46)An authentic look done to this beauty by Goma-Garage.
  VIP (30 of 46)Definitely a VIP platform car, but it seems like this Aristo wasn't built to show but to drift.
  VIP (31 of 46)Gorgeous looking kit on this Fuga.
  VIP (32 of 46)

VIP (34 of 46)

VIP (33 of 46) So much detail on this Celsior. I don't even know what to say.
  VIP (39 of 46)Love the color of this Aristo.
  VIP (40 of 46)What a scene.
  VIP (41 of 46)Couples in Pink!
  VIP (42 of 46)Pretty sure the fenders and quarter panels were worked on, but this one isn't exotic like the other ones you've seen at top.
  VIP (43 of 46)Different model, but same theme.
  VIP (44 of 46)Bye bye.
  VIP (45 of 46)Thumbs up to you sir! Those Work Meisters!!!
  VIP (46 of 46)At first, I didn't favor the look of this car, but my mind sort of changed once I saw it like 5 times.
  VIP (1 of 46)Not a common car to see in the streets of Japan.
  VIP (35 of 46)Good to see BBS LMs. I'm sure there will be more cars in Part 2 with these wheels.
  VIP (36 of 46)Simply fitted. I heard from Charles that everyone had a good time. You can see that by the expression of the guys in the car.
  VIP (37 of 46)Ok..maybe not the guy sitting at the back.
  VIP (38 of 46)A clean car, clean look, clean fitment.

 I'll be back with Part 2. See you guys soon!


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