NightLife | Anime Expo 2013 (Day 1)

July 12, 2013

Night Import: Photography by Kain Chau | Words by William Lee

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There will always be a group of fans for a certain field of entertainment. I'm sure some of you guys looking at my blog right now is a car fanatic, or should I say, just a fan of cars. But more than cars today, I want to share a coverage that is totally irrelevant to the automotive world. Actually, I wouldn't say "totally" because Itasha involve cars being dressed up with anime characters. Back to what I wanted to say, last week, I attended one of the biggest Anime conventions called Anime Expo with our editor Kain Chau. It was like 2 years ago when I first went to this event with Nick Schultz, Kain Chau, David Izrailov, and a few others. I was always a huge fan of Anime and wanted to attend Anime Expo. The only Anime I watch is Naruto and Bleach, so I was pretty stoked to see people dressed up as Ichigo, Naruto, Kakashi, etc. That was back then and for this year, I wanted to check out what was new to the Anime world.

This event goes on for 4 days and every single day, you'll be in a massive crowd of people doing cosplay. The weather was hot as fuk and it was even more hotter inside the convention because of the amount of people, but I tried to stay as long as possible to capture awesome moments with Kain. I attended on Thursday (July 4, 2013) and Saturday and took a lot of shots, but before I post my own photos, I will be sharing Kain's because he was with me throughout the whole time and what he captured was pretty much what I captured. Let's get on with the coverage.

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Now before I officially start writing nonsense, please do understand that the only Anime I watch is Naruto and Bleach, so I do not know jack about certain characters. I have no idea what character these girls were dressed up as, but I saw a poster of some girls in a tank, driving like a boss.
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Inside the hall, we bumped into these guys. Reminds me of my friend Luigi.
  AX (6 of 61)Last year, Toyota had several cars displayed inside the convention center, but for this year, this was the only "car" we found.

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It's that princess from Mario!
  AX (8 of 61)Cool cosplay.
  AX (11 of 61)I don't remember bumping into this girl. Probably Kain dosed off for a bit.

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I remember this girl. She looked really sad playing the Violin.

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Kain bumped into his friends and we actually chilled together for a bit.
  AX (15 of 61)Cheese what? Right down the convention center is a place with restaurants. We went to a baller one called Wolfgang Puck Bar & Grill. The prices weren't that insane and the food was pretty good. Thanks to Kain again for buying us lunch.
  AX (17 of 61)Hi

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Shit...I got fat.....
  AX (19 of 61)Staples Center! GO LAKERS! and please fukin win in the next season....please...
  AX (20 of 61)I'm pretty dam sure this guy was sweating a lot. It was like 90 degrees on this day.
  AX (21 of 61)Guy on the Bike was riding back and forth and stopped a few people to take pictures.

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Best cosplay on Thursday goes to this person. I have no idea if it was a girl or guy, but assuming it was a guy, he had like some springs on his feet and jumped like a grasshopper.
  AX (26 of 61)Checking out that grasshopper thingy.
  AX (27 of 61)Guy at the right, sorry that Kain took a picture of you :)

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Ah, the transformers.
  AX (29 of 61)This thing was coooooooooollll. I'm sure he had a hard time being in that suit. Good job.
  AX (30 of 61)Awww look at the little Hatsune Miku.

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Is that...PEDOBEAR???
  AX (32 of 61)I wasn't at Anime Expo on Friday, but I heard from Kain that there were much more people than Thursday.

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Gundam!!!!!!!!!! O yea! I actually watched Gundam.
  AX (35 of 61)Some girl group.
  AX (36 of 61)I see Wesley Snipes.
  AX (37 of 61)Me checking out some guys playing One Piece. O shit..I actually watched One Piece too!
  AX (38 of 61)Ban~~dai~~ (in a deep voice).
  AX (39 of 61)Miniature Gundams.

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Very cool.
  AX (41 of 61)That Pocky box had like 60 Pockies.

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Nexon!! Love their games. They had this section of computers for Maple Story. I used to play that game, but I forgot my ID and Password, so I was like fuk it. I do play it on my Android and it is fun. Mabinogi is also a huge game, but I don't know anyone playing it today.
  AX (46 of 61) there was a section of Adult books. Now there were a lot of little kids and parents going to Anime Expo and you put this section inside the exhibition hall? Thank you. :)

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Big Pikachu.
  AX (47 of 61)I like dolls.
  AX (49 of 61)At the way back, you'll see a lot of artists selling their work.

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AX (52 of 61) Girls captured by Kain.

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I know that girl is dressed up as Hatsune Miku, but I have no idea what that guy was.

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Ah! The Penguin that comes out of a game.
  AX (55 of 61)These little characters were really cool. Cheap too!

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Sir! Your hands!
  AX (57 of 61)The girl group you guys saw earlier.

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This girl was brave to wear such a dress. You can see Deadmau5 checking her out.

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Nope no idea.

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It's a Pokemon!! Gotta catch it.

 Well that was it from Kain on Day 1. I'll be posting my shiz pretty soon. Just gotta find the dam cable so that I can hook it up to my computer. Anyways, I'll be back soon guys!


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